Brand new member here!!!!

Just joined TOPS on January 7th, weighed in at 339lbs. I am in Iowa.


  • Amazon_Who
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    Great way to start the year. I hope you come to love TOPS as much as I do.
  • rokinrho
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    I joined January 14th in Ontario, Canada. I weighed in at 265 lbs and have lost 15 so far. Love the combination of TOPS and MFP.
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 55 Member
    Welcome to TOPS and congratulations on deciding to get healthy for the new year. I do not have that much weight to lose, but for me it has been a struggle. I had many life's happening since December 2011...then I moved in October 2012...and my weight was going the wrong I am determined now to get my act together. Good luck to all of you new TOPS members on your journey and good luck in your chapters.
  • Amazon_Who
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    Welcome to TOPS! I actually gained last year due to a knee injury. This year I am doing great and have lost 11# so far. I am pumped for 2013.

    We can do this!
  • teresa1121
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    I have joined a brand new Tops group i was struggling at my past one with lots of negatives looking forward to the new people and new group and getting back in to MFP i have been struggling alot the past few months... any encouragement would be appreciated thank you
  • Amazon_Who
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    The atmosphere at chapters can vary a lot!

    TOPS is great. Between it and MFP you have the right tools to succeed!
  • susan9
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    Just elected leader of my TOPS group. Volunteered because I have gotten so much support from my group the last 4 years. Hope I can motivate the group as much as our past leaders. I'm not as good a public speaker as they are.....both ladies are former teachers.

    What is great about our group is that we all work together to share food and exercise information. Everyone educates each other....
  • Harlemite
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    Welcome to TOPS those that are new. I'm still *new* myself as I've only been in TOPS since May 2012. For me the greatest aspect of TOPS is the *accountability of the scale* - Keeps me moving in the right direction!

    For those who have setbacks, {{{HUGS}}}!! We are all here to support each other as we take off (and keep off) pounds sensibly! YOU CAN DO THIS!