I'm back!

jeepie98 Posts: 114 Member
Well after much soul searching I have come to the conclusion that Medifast works for me & makes me feel good & in control. I have just placed my order and could cry over the time & money I have wasted trying other things to only feel like crap.
I would love add more Medifast friends to keep me on track if there is any out there.......:flowerforyou:
And to my current friends thank you all for keeping me in the loop! You are all ROCKSTARS!


  • dwhitmoyer
    dwhitmoyer Posts: 22 Member
    Please feel free to add me. I've tried other things as well, but MF seems to work best for me. With nutrisystems I got bored and hungry. With Jenny Craig I was also hungry and sort of resented having to augment their expensive food at the grocery store. My problem, after a few days on the program, is I am so not hungry, that I forget to eat because I'm so busy at work.
  • sarahsaca
    sarahsaca Posts: 50 Member
    Feel free to add me! I just finished my 4th week and I am loving it. I have literally tried everything else out there and can always lose weight but I am usually starving or just gain the weight right back as soon as I feel like I'm "done". Looking forward to my new lifestyle and would love to have more MF friends for support!! :smile:
  • Feel free to add me also, I have tried everything too and only wish I tried this sooner, I did not believe my coach when she told me her loss was easy...now after just 7 weeks I am hooked!
  • tgibbons1935
    tgibbons1935 Posts: 85 Member
    Welcome to MF! Feel free to add me as well. I have been on it since August 2012 and love it.
  • MCLA4mom
    MCLA4mom Posts: 219 Member
    Welcome home! You can do this AND feel great at the same time!
  • joysea50
    joysea50 Posts: 9 Member
    Add me, too! I am trying to remain positive on my first day back. "One foot in front of the other" as the saying goes, though I feel so disgusted at the moment..I just.want to hibernate....

    I know this is just a temporary feeling and that after the first 3 day detox, I will feel refreshed and renewed! After all, spring is right around the corner!
  • joysea50
    joysea50 Posts: 9 Member
    Just reading old posts and came across my response above. Well, I have been on Medifast for 54 days now and I do feel refreshed and spring-like!!! It is worth it to get through the 3 day detox and all of a sudden you feel exuberant!!
  • bar403
    bar403 Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me as well! I just finishing my 6th week and have lost *almost* 18 lbs :) I am loving this program!!!