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Ran my first 5k on Sunday!!

TiredMom12 Posts: 78 Member
Just wanted to let everyone know that is starting this program that it will make a runner out of you. I started it in Sept. and b.c of being a working Mom of 3, wife and family issues, it took me till the end of December to complete it. I have kept up with the running and completed my first official 5k race on Sunday. I placed 100 out of 190 runners and my time was 30.43 seconds. I'm super proud of myself and looking forward to the next 5k in April. Good luck!


  • johnlatte
    johnlatte Posts: 50 Member
    Excellent, a great time too. I am still working at it. My goal is to run a 5 sometime before summer. Slow going for me though, just not enough hours in the day.
  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    You are awesome! 30:43!!! I'd LOVE to break 40 minutes.
  • TiredMom12
    TiredMom12 Posts: 78 Member
    Thanks. I think the cold made me run faster than I normally would or the momentum of the crowd. It was so much fun. Once you complete the program, I highly recommend you signing up for a 5k in your area. Nothing better than crossing the finish line wih people cheering you on.
  • mamakira
    mamakira Posts: 366
    Congratulations! That is a great achievement and an excellent time.
    My first 5k will be in May, I am week 5 at the moment. I wish I come close to your time!
  • traej1973
    traej1973 Posts: 12 Member
    Great job! Awesome time. Just started week 8. Running my first 5K at the end of April.
  • KathleenKP
    KathleenKP Posts: 580 Member
    Wow!! What a great finishing time! Good job sticking with the program.
  • xtrout
    xtrout Posts: 193 Member
    Great time for your first 5k! Well done!