Day one officially starts tomorrow...

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Yay! Lol:)


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    It's such a great start just being on here for support. Make sure to log all the food and you'll do great. What kind of plan are you following?
  • Good luck. Don't start with the Oatmeal!!!

    Make sure you drink lots of water and plan ahead for your meals. Once you get the hang of it, it actually becomes relatively easy. I also found I was really not hungry even though only consuming around 1000 cal a day (6 foot tall guy with a big build).

    You can do it.

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    I agree with Stan.
    First, drink til you feel like you're going to float away...then drink some more!
    Second, planning ahead is a lifesaver. I use MFP to plan my meals for the following day. This helps me to stay under 85 carbs on a daily basis. If I ate on the fly, I know I'd have thrown myself out of ketosis any number of times.
  • Good luck!!!
    The first few days are the WORST, but it gets SO much better! I also agree that logging everything on MFP helps so much.. .I usually log my meals for 3 days at a time so I am aware of what i'm eating over the next couple of days so I know what I need to buy and also know what meals to have available.

    If you can just make it through the first week, it's almost completely uphill from there!!! Reach out for support if you need it. :)
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    Thanks guys! Yeah I made sure I got everything I'd need over the weekend so I could get a clean fresh start:) but no oatmeal though...I kept reading how much people didn't like it, so I passed on that one haha.
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    I actually love the oatmeal - I find it's one of the meals that keeps me the fullest, and since I like my oatmeal on the lumpy/gluey side anyway, it's just right. :-)

    The first few days aren't really that bad, if you drink all your water, plan a precise spacing of your meals, and just keep busy.

    Measure your L&G like a freak, and that's it - simple. You don't ever have to worry about "staying on-plan" if you ONLY eat the items on the list. The measurements are prescribed so that you do stay under 85 carbs. :-)
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    Good luck to you! Planning is most certainly the key to success but for me the best part of MF is that most of my meals are already decided for me except the L&G. However, I spend every Sunday preparing a L&G meal that I eat all week. If you need some ideas for the L&G below is a website that the center gave me when I signed up. it has some really great recipes. I also listed another one that came from the medifast forums that gives you different ideas of what to do with the meals to change them up. The plan does work and we are all here for support. :smile:
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    The Sandy's Kitchen blog is awesome!
    Just this weekend I spent a day preparing 6 OP pizzas that I froze so that I have a fast meal ready to go in a pinch.
    I also portioned out 4 servings of turkey burger patties so that I can also grab and go.

    I find that having several days worth of items portioned out already helps my husband help me as well.
    He may not be as "strict" when weighing things as I am, hehehe! This way when he preps a L&G for me, all he has to do is grab a pre-packaged bag that I've already prepped and warm it up for me.

    Two greens that I have absolutely fallen in love with are cauliflower "rice" (shred up a head of cauliflower to the consistency of rice grains) and the other is zucchini noodles. Take a veggie peeler and slice zucchini into ribbons. I have a peeler that actually julienne's into noodle sized strips. Sprinkle a little salt on the noodles (draws out the moisture and let it sit on paper towels for about 30 minutes. Wipe off the noodles (cleans off extra salt), then do a quick warm up in a pan, then top with a little butter or sauce (on plan of course!). This is a great replacement for pasta and has a nice al dente chew to it. Yum!

    My husband is constantly surprised at how well I am eating on so few calories per day. He's actually eating the same L&G meals (though he likes regular pasta and fattier sauces). You will NOT starve on this eating plan. Trust me! =)
  • Such great info. I ordered my food but wont start until 4/8 because i am on vacation.
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    My advice for new folks is as follows...

    - soak everything! try and let every meal get some soaking time. soups and oatmeal especially. I soak the chili overnight.
    - get a scale. people who eyeball "usually" underestimate. This is so low caloric wise you don't want to lose out.
    - For me.... almost all the food tasted..well.. not good at first. My taste buds did adjust and I have read about others who experienced the same thing. If you try something that is just terrible, don't toss it. just put it aside and come back to it in a week. Thats what worked for me. Some of the most complained about meals have become my favorites. Oatmeal? Ya Buddy!
    - That's it. nothing magical really. Just follow the plan as written and you WILL lose weight.

    p.s. no question is stupid.. if you don't know just ask!
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    I'm going to try the zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice! Both sound awesome!