If a person is not loosing at 1200 should they bump up to say 1300 or 1400 cal. I am not loosing at 1200 but I also do not do much exercise but walk when I can because of the weather . I have been here 55 days and I lost but gained . :embarassed:


  • 215jenn
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    I am not the dietitian, and I am sure he will be along soon to answer your question, but I wanted to tell you a few things.

    1. make sure you are measuring as accurately as possible (are the amounts of ingredients in recipies what is actually going in? etc)
    2. if the weather is crummy outside, try walking around the house to some music or the radio. It all counts :)

    Think about how you felt at 1200 versus 1300. If you consistently feel better at one versus the other maybe try sticking with that and moving more to add those calories in.
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    Watch my video (linked on the front page of this group) on fat loss plateaus and see if that helps you.

    Come back and provide more details about yourself and what you are doing if you find it doesn't. You don't really provide enough info for me to give you any advice. Thanks.