Weekend Challenge

SandiW02 Posts: 223 Member
Ok all - here it is my challenge to the entire group!

Check in - track all your food - drink at least 8 glasses of water!

I take on the goal because last weekend I fell apart - GOOD LUCK!!


  • dnlg18652
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    i accept
  • Hi there, I just joined the group and just joined MFP. I accept the challenge. 8 glasses of water will be hard as I pee all day long with just a couple glasses. I don't think I have ever drank a full glass of water in my life..sad I know:(
  • dc729
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    Yay for challenges!! I can definitely manage this one!! :)
  • SandiW02
    SandiW02 Posts: 223 Member
    So glad to see I am not alone on this challenge. I fell apart for lunch stuffing 3 pieces of pizza in my face and 3 Tagalongs ... my own fault. I had a flimsy breakfast and did not pack a snack when out selling GS cookies today. I am not sure what I was thinking but at least I got a short walk in and I am still within a good calorie. Second blessing is it was early in the day (well 2:30 pm). For dinner I will definitely be on track - see no guilt (we some) and I had pizza on my new journey - not diet.

    I am 2 glasses away from drinking all 8!!
  • Sounds good to me!!!
  • SandiW02
    SandiW02 Posts: 223 Member
    Is everyone still hanging in there? I have so far so good made it through the weekend. I have already prepared the meatballs for dinner (one for the family and one for me). I am so excited to have come this far through the weekend and stayed on track.

    Looking forward to seeing the 'I did it!' or 'I made it' through the challenge of the weekend. Should I set one for the week (m - f)?