Aussie food scales - need recommendations pls

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to find a good reliable and inexpensive food scale here and looking through ebay just overwhelms me because there are just too many.

Can anyone recommend a really good brand and where they purchased it from? Not concerned so much with the cost if it's really worth it but anything under $50 would be great.

Also, anyone with a fitbit or HRM they can recommend as well?

Thanks so much for the help.



  • sheldonsteyn
    sheldonsteyn Posts: 483 Member
    I have a fitbitONE...highly recommend it!! But if you're not interested in monitoring sleep or stairs climbed you can get the fitbit ULTRA i think its called. Its about $40 cheaper than the ONE on ebay!

    As far as scales go I just use an old analogue scale so wouldnt know.
  • eag264
    eag264 Posts: 116
    Awesome I'll check it out! Thanks!
  • gmallan
    gmallan Posts: 2,099 Member
    I got mine from Harris Scarf for about $20. They're always having sales on that type of kitchen thing. You'll definitely pick up a good digital scale for under $50
  • elizak87
    elizak87 Posts: 249 Member
    My digital scale is just from kmart but hasnt let me down in the 5 months I have had it. I think it cost me $12. My heart rate monitor is a suunai m2 ( I think thats how it is spelt). Easy to use and I love it.
  • kitza101
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    I have a fitbit one, and I can honestly say I wouldn't have lost half the weight I have if I hadn't bought it. It is very motivating (for me) and gets me up and exercising every day. Mostly because I like competing with myself! :P

    As for scales, I have a Tanita one. No real science behind why I bought it, it looked nice, had a bunch of features, and seemed to be a brand that had good reviews for body weight scales. My hubby is impressed with things that have lots of buttons. I also had a $100 Myer gift-card which helped in my decision making! I think ours cost about $120? I'm not sure if it's worth that, but it does the job for me. It also measures body water and body fat percentages, but I take those measurements with a large grain of salt.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on the topic of scales! But as for a Fitbit One, I would really recommend it. I like gadgets though, and I would hate to feel I was missing out on features by getting a lower level model, like a Zip - if gadgety things aren't all that important to you though and you just want something that will record what you are doing in terms of walking, the Zip is probably just fine.
  • donnaleighh
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    Hiya... I recently bought a Soehnle Style scale at Myer - it cost me less than $30 - I like it as I travel heaps and its light enough to carry and you can remove the glass platform.

    Fitbit is a complete no brainer... changed my life, keeps me honest and focussed. Hope this helps :) Donna
  • pinkraynedropjacki
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    Reject shop. Mine cost under $5 & have never let me down & it's digital.

    Polar FT60 for HRM...and def a Fitbit one.
  • amiaow
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    We just bought a new food scale- it's a 'Salter' brand and my hubby got it from Big W. Very happy with it, works well!
  • myriddian
    myriddian Posts: 186 Member
    I have a set of Tupperware scales. I love them but they were fairly pricey if I remember correctly.

    I have a polar FT4 HRM, I like it, certainly doesn't annoy me but sometimes I feel it reads quite low. Still as I eat my calories back I'd rather it be underestimating than over.
    Cant wait to get my birthday fitbit!
  • hopejohnstone
    My digital scale is just from kmart but hasnt let me down in the 5 months I have had it. I think it cost me $12.

    I recommend this one too!
  • Mads1997
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    I got mine from Kmart also I think it was 10 bucks had it for 3 years it's still going strong, the brand is propert.

    HRM I have had for 3 years also. Polar FT7