help please?

denise8986 Posts: 42 Member
I haven't started" Atkins diet" but lowered my carbs back in Jan to 40%, now I have them lowered to 20% which shows as 75g a day (i'm usually under 50g).
The last few days I have had some rice (which I no I shouldn't). It will be 2 weeks this Thursday that I have had them lowered, I lost 3 pounds but now I have gained 2 pounds. Any thoughts?


  • codapea
    codapea Posts: 182 Member
    You just regained some water weight. If you are back to low carbing, those pounds will be gone in a few days. No biggie. Just know that anytime you go back to eating a high carb food there will always be a water weight gain because something like rice is quickly turned to glucose. Glucose is stored in your muscle with water, making you gain water weight.