Dealing with Short Jokes

puff22_2001 Posts: 4 Member
I'm the shortest in my family except for one sister, and I get short jokes all the time. How do you fine folks deal with that annoyance? I want to be proud of who I am but it's hard when everone towers over you AND makes fun of you at the same time.


  • xbeth77x
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    When I was younger these used to bother me. Now I probably make fun of myself and my shortness more than anybody else haha! And now I sort of view teasing/short jokes as a positive thing. Like I'm special and so I get extra attention haha! I think it's all about your mindset and attitude. But I also understand when EVERYBODY is teasing you, that is really hard to deal with. So yeah, I feel ya' pain sista!
  • amandacroberts
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    I come from a family of mostly average-sized people and my family for the most part doesn't tease me, but my mom certainly does (patting me on the head, calling me shrimp and everything). I don't think much of it really anymore but when I was younger I certainly did! I definitely think it's all about your mindset and attitude about it. I've learned to embrace my shortness a bit more, and it's just a journey on dealing with it and now getting to the right weight! :tongue:
  • ahappydancer
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    I mostly ignore it. I feel like a normal sized person most of the time, so when someone brings up my height it usually surprises me-you mean I'm not 5 ft 5? Damn. I've been this height since I was ten, so most short jokes roll off me. The exception to this was when a former friend decided to play a song that said short people aren't really people to deliberately make me angry. I stopped hanging out with him after that.
  • roiLEI1554
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    I go along with all the short jokes (I'm 5'1"); they stopped bothering me since 9th grade. The teasing is honestly not that big of a deal (especially when it comes from friends and family, so they're doing it out of, or something like it).
  • rljohnsufl
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    I sometimes gloat to tall people how easy it is to fly when you're short. I used to wonder why I never have a problem with leg room when flying - maybe it's other airlines that are cramped? Then I realized that I'm so short almost any leg room is enough for me. ;-) Ha Ha :tongue:

    I also saw on another forum, a shirt that said "I'm not short, I'm fun sized". I haven't had the opportunity to say that to someone but one of these days...

    You could also say that it's cheaper being need less food, you get buzzed on less beer, you don't need a huge bed or car or couch....the savings are everywhere! :laugh:
  • xbeth77x
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    I sometimes gloat to tall people how easy it is to fly when you're short.
    Except for reaching the overhead compartments! Especially if your bags are a little on the heavy side! I guess that's why we work out ;)
  • rljohnsufl
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    Ha! So true. That's part of the reason I do the military press. I want to be able to lift my suitcase above my head to put it in the overhead compartment.

    Mostly though, it's packing light. On my last couple of flights, the bag was light enough that I could get it up to the overhead without much problem. :)
  • KayteeBear
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    "I have been this height of X years. I do happen to realize my height. What's your point?" ... usually is the response to people who say "Omg you're short!" And otherwise "Don't mistaken my short stature for weakness. I'm alot stronger than I look." With a really cute, innocent smile with slightly evil eyes. :D
  • mittencat77
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    I wonder if you are feeling like your family is disrespecting you and if this is what bothers you? I get the sense that most of us would like to be taller but we are ok with the fact that we are not. But this seems to be on your nerves.

    It is fine to be short. Think of all the great people who are. There are lots of them. Nothing wrong with it and lots of people thing short is attractive. You just haveto be smarter and fiestier. Don't let them get you down.
  • MinnieM83
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    I'm 4 foot 8. The smallest just about everywhere I go. I used to get annoyed by the jokes, but I guess I'm just so much of a goof off that now I actually make the jokes. It took a while to get over it and deal with the fact that I will always be short. I just figure why not have fun with it.
  • MinnieM83
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    Awesome!!! Never thought about the savings end!!!