Week 2

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Good job on kicking butt this week everybody! Sorry this post is a little early, I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to go on vaca until Monday afternoon so I wanted to make sure I put some encouragement out there.

I am also in need of some encouragement, we are going to Orlando, day 1 will be spend at Downtown Disney and Disney Quest (5 story arcade), days 2-3 will be spent in the Universal parks, and day 4 will be in the park and who knows what else...so my food options SUCK! I am going to do my best to eat "healthy" but it's not going to be easy.

So, I need everybody else to make extra good choices these next few days to make up for the crappy ones I'm probably going to make.

Have a great weigh in (I'm going to put mine in tomorrow morning).


  • FitMama2013
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    You will be getting tons of exercise walking around those days! Just pick good protein options at restaurants and steer clear of the bread before your meal, liquid calories, and dessert afterwards. Drink plenty of water because it will be HOT! And enjoy yourself! Don't go crazy with the calorie counting - just make good choices and enjoy your time.
  • have a great time!! and don't discount all the walking and sweating you'll be doing!!
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    When we went to the park I took some healthy snacks I could carry with me. I ended up eating Pizza for supper but like PP said.... you burn that off just walking.
  • NewMomNewME24
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    Have fun!!!! I believe now you are allowed to bring in some food (not a cooler type deal) but you can throw some protein bars, or little sandwiches in a bag if need be. Plus like everyone said - all the exercise nd sweat from the heat. It is ridiculously hot here!!!

    Have fun!!
  • Jessifer83
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    Make sure to drink plenty of water! You can bring bottled water in a backpack or just bring a reusable bottle and fill up at the water fountain! Bring some easy snacks (nuts, protein bars, fruit, etc) and they do have some *healthier* options in the parks now. You will be doing plenty of walking so you should be just fine!

    Have a great time :flowerforyou:
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    Has anyone had their ticker stop counting? Mine is stuck @ 11#'s, but I'm down 15.6. I tried to change the style of my ticker, but it won't change to the new style either. I did send tech support a message. The only thing I can think is that maybe I have MFP open in Safari on the iPad, and having it open in 2 places is blocking the updates..... At least my "feed" is tracking the updates...

    Just curious is anyone else was having this happen
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    You need to update the ticker manually sometimes in the APPS-->TICKER-->UPDATE WEIGHT
  • jojoboxing
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    Didn't realize I was a week 2 "winner". Oh well time to relinquish the title belt. last week Friday I went back home to visit the family. I made a lot of good food choices, continued to workout, did not overeat, and limited my alcohol 2 beers for the whole weekend.

    I did however enjoy all the food but in smaller portions and no 2nd or 3rd helpings. Took some home too. :)
  • Haha! Everyone is a WINNER!!! (OK maybe not everyone)

    There's nothing bad about enjoying life!!! Great job!