How big/small is your baby?



  • bluegirl10
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    At 6 months my son was 17 lbs and 27 inches. He will be 7 months on Thursday.
  • JaclynnGail
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    Teddy was in the lower percentile range for his first few appointments, but has grown steadily and is at about 14 and a half pounds now, at 5 and a half months. I was worried that he was so small at first, but he's definitely catching up, weight-wise. He's still on the shorter side...I think they said 8th percentile in height at his last appointment. I'm curious to see what the stats are at his 6-month appointment in a few weeks.
  • mellynat
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    My daughter is 4.5 months and on my home scale was about 16lbs going on Monday for a well visit so i'll see how accurate it was.. All my kids were breastfeed and they were all really really chubby babies. always in the 90th percentile for their weight. and between 70-90th for their height.. they lean out as soon as they start crawling and walking.
  • rabbit__food
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    My son weighed 13 lb 9 oz at his 2 month check up. He's almost 12 weeks now, but I'm not sure what he weighs. He's definitely a chunky kid. I love it!
  • graycalico
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    My 21 month old is about 27 pounds. My 3 week old is 5.10 pounds. She's a preemie.
  • laurab1217
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    at 5 weeks my baby boy is 12 lbs 7 oz and 24 inches long! he was 8.2 at birth
  • love2lift_85
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    My little girl is 8 lbs 12 oz at 2 weeks old.
  • missxlisa
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    Both of my babies were almost 11 lbs at birth & reached 20 lbs by 6 months. Chunky monkeys!
  • DragonSquatter
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    Mine was 7 lbs when he was born, but he's 19 lbs now. He's 4 months old. He's in the 98th percentile for weight, head circumference, and length. He's in size 3 diapers (almost size 4) and 6/9 month clothes (sometimes 12 months).

    He's my little gordito...
  • redheadmommy
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    It s definetly not gender related. I exclusively bf my babies for 5.5 months when I introduced solid. My son born with 7 lb 4 oz, and was hitting 20 lb by 7 months of age. My daugher was just a bit shy of 7 lb at birth and she is 18 lb at 6 month. They birthweightn was just below 50% , but climed to the 75% by the 2 month checkup and stayed their during the infancy.

    My pedi said no matter if they slim or chubby, if they grow in a steady speed along their own growth curve. Even if they are on the 10th % range but following the growth pattn of that size it is ok. They see a problem if the baby dropping on the growth curve. For example a baby was 50% , then it drops to 25 it is a warning. If the baby weight drops again to the 10% curve, it is failure to thrive. However if the baby always was small and keep following the 10% curve , it is fine.

    Same thing with climbing on the curve .if a baby jumps curves twice in a row, it may be a sign for over feeding.
  • walleyclan1
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    My 15mth old is 19 lbs. Both of my girls are tiny but healthy and happy!
  • iamkateiam
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    My 4 month old girl is 16 lbs 2 oz and 26.5 inches. I guess that's 95 percentile for weight and off the chart for height. She's wasn't an abnormally large newborn- she was 1 day late and 8 lbs 1 oz. She's combo fed (I don't produce enough milk to EBF) so I really don't know if what you feed your baby matters that much- some babies are big and some babies are small- just like adults! As long as they're healthy and happy :smile:
  • emmamc252
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    mine are big!! my 23 month old girl has been in age 2-3 clothes since 18 months, weighs about 23lbs,
    my 5 week old got weighed last Thursday and is on the 98th percentile! he's 12lb 9!!! he's in proportion though as they measured his length and head circumference and these are on the 95th percentile so he's just a very big boy!
    DD is similar, she has always been around the 85-90th centile. I get the opposite, comments on how big they are and basically accused of overfeeding them. I don't! DD is a RUBBISH eater! honestly!! The health visitors and drs have said to me basically as long as they are in proportion then it really is fine!
    incidently DD was born 8lb 9 and ds was 9lb 6. so they were both big babies from day 1! and I'm not a big girl, I'm 5'8 but only a uk size 8-10 when not pregnant, but I do PILE on weight when I'm pregnant, I blame the giant babies growing inside me!!

    One of Milly's best friends is a little girl who is TINY! she still wears 9-12month or 12-18 month clothes as she is SO skinny the waist on jeans etc just won't stay on her with bigger sizes! she is actually olde,r about 26 months now! her mum has been really worried about her but the drs say the same, as long as they are healthy etc it doesn't matter!
  • daytolive
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    My daughter is 9 months old and weighs close to 19lbs. She's pretty long,31" and has super chunky thighs (they're so cute). Both me and my husband are tall people so that is wear she gets it from. I keep worrying she isn't big enough but everyone who looks at her seems to think she's at least a year old! If your doctor isn't concerned,you shouldn't be either. :)
  • Sjenny5891
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    "NORMAL" is a huge range with babies..... Boys tend to weigh more than girls ON AVERAGE.
    My oldest was 20 pounds at 10 months...... my son had health issues when he was born. he weighed 6lb after his surgery at 2 months. He was only 20lb when he started preschool at 3yo....... my 10yo was about average. she hit 20lb around her first birthday. The twins were like the oldest, 20lb at 10mo..... My youngest is 22lb at 15mo. He is on the bottom of the weight chart, but still considered normal.

    It also depends on the parents.... How tall are you and your hubby and what did you weigh before getting pregnant?
  • Sparlingo
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    Baby O:

    - At birth 5 lbs 9 oz (born at 35 weeks).
    - Now 16 lbs 4 oz (12.5 months).
  • blueeyes25s
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    My baby is a chunker too lol. At his 1 month check he was 11.5lbs 23in long.
  • shnoots
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    It's so nice to hear other people talk about how big/small their babies are. My son was 10lbs 3oz when he was born and the nutritionist at the WIC office just kept asking "Did you have gestational diabetes? Are you sure?!" >.< No woman, I just made a giant child. He's 3 months and weighs ~20lbs and is a little over 24in
  • DragonSquatter
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    It's so nice to hear other people talk about how big/small their babies are. My son was 10lbs 3oz when he was born and the nutritionist at the WIC office just kept asking "Did you have gestational diabetes? Are you sure?!" >.< No woman, I just made a giant child. He's 3 months and weighs ~20lbs and is a little over 24in

    People keep harassing me about how big my 5 month old is. He's now over 20 lbs and in the 9/12 month sizes and size 4 diapers.

    I just want to yell, 'He's fine! I make big boys!" LOL
  • RBXChas
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    My older son weighed 7lbs 3 oz at birth (38w5d) and was over 20lbs at six months old. Now he's 2.5 and between 32 and 35 lbs, which isn't big or small for his age. He's very tall, though, so he's always had to wear bigger clothes than his age would suggest. Long pants are a pain because pants that fit him at the waist are too short, and vice versa. Thankfully we live where shorts are appropriate for most of the year, which is good because they are more forgiving, length-wise.

    My younger son will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. He weighed 8lbs 4oz at birth (39w4d) and, when I weighed him on my home scale yesterday morning, weighed 11.8 lbs. He is also on the long side. Based on his brother's growth as an infant and my/my husband's genes, I'm guessing we will have another tall boy on our hands!

    My older son was mostly formula-fed (my supply was horrible) in the beginning and went all-formula at 3 months old. My younger son is exclusively breast fed. However both ate/eat a LOT. I don't think that in their cases formula or breast milk will make the difference in how big/heavy they are. I grow 'em big, I guess!