Excercise on off days?

Hi All,
I've just begun the c25K program. I'm 48 and about 100 lbs overweight. So far I've done week 1 twice (I am doing each week until I can run all of the running part) and am beginning my second go at week 2. I've not had any pain until today. My knees have begun to hurt. I was fitted for running shoes at a local running store before I began. My quesion is, "Could I be doing too much that involves my knees on my off days?" Yesterday I walked in the lazy river for 20 minutes and then swam laps for another 20 minutes. Just wondering if I should back off a little. I did make it through all the running portion today (slowly!) even though it hurt. Thanks for any advice. I never dreamed I'd be asking a question about running!


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    Just my opinion, but I'd say yes. I've been finding that if I do all my knee work, running and squats for strength training on the same day and then stay completely no impact, no stress on them on the next day, they hold up better. I'm 52 and was almost 100 lbs overweight when I started exercising more than walking.

    There are plenty of things that can be exercised other than knees on the rest day. I've been trying to get in upper body strength training and finding very little strength there, but it's improving! There is also stretches and yoga. Walking too.
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    I'm in (or was in) almost the same as you.

    Needed to lose 100lbs (currently 270) and in my early 40's.

    I've been going to karate for 2+ years as well --- which surprisingly hasn't helped with running.

    When I first started C25K I found i was getting knee pain and HORRIBLE shin splints as well as VERY sore feet. I have proper running shoes. Talked to a few ppl that run and the advice was this --- take shorter, slower strides, loosen your shoes a bit and have faith that most ppl get shin splints when they start. I'm only on W4D3 (for the third day ;)) but I haven't had shin splints since the beginning of W3 nor have my knees or feet been sore.

    also, i spent a good month repeating W1.

    IMO, if you're still in pain from a previous run or exercise, don't go out for another run just yet.
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    Thanks, think I will take today off completely and then try the shortening.