21 Day logging challenge

britzzie Posts: 341 Member
So we started a 21 day logging challenge on Monday! If you didn't start Monday, you can obviously start whenever lol. The idea is that it takes 21 days to create (or recreate) a habit.

I know a lot of us have trouble on the weekends, for lots of reasons. Ice cream and Limeritas tend to be mine! Well....it's Friday!! I'm committed to staying under this weekend, and I hope you all do too!


  • Queen_Adrock
    Queen_Adrock Posts: 130 Member
    Good luck everyone! I'll join on that, too. It's going to be hard because I have an out-of-town guest for 10 days (which means restaurants!) and it's summer, which means beer. I'll try to make lighter decisions and better portions, though. :smile:
  • twoboysnmygirl
    twoboysnmygirl Posts: 161 Member
    I'm doing well, logging everything! It's helped because yesterday I went over and I still logged it (which lately I would not have done) and it helped me see why I have been stuck for a bit b/c I keep having these days I go over and don't log. Thanks for the challenge, it's really helping me kick it back into gear!
  • CRichards22
    CRichards22 Posts: 120
    Me too girl! I haven't missed anything even as tempted as I was to "forget" to log my second glass of wine yesterday!!!! I'm going strong through the weekend too! Let's DO IT!!!!!!!

    Great job everyone!!!! :drinker: