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Best Dinner The Night Before 6am Class?

cpbatchelorcpbatchelor Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
I took up hot yoga a few months ago and recently started going to 6 am classes. When I wake up I have some almonds and a small amount of black coffee (yeah I know but its a 25 min drive to class, so I need something to wake up a bit to drive) then a big class of water. I have noticed that I am more famished after my morning classes than I am if I do an afternoon or evening class. I am suspecting that it may be because of the lack of food since it is 6 am and all.

So anyone have any recommendations/thoughts on foods to incorporate for dinner the night before class?


  • smithta1smithta1 Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    I take a 0500 hour Hot Fusion class and I wake up about 0350 to get there in time to set up. I usually grab a banana and that is about it. But I do make a smoothie the night before of : 100% coconut water, Pea Protein/Whey Protein, Peanuts (unsalted)/Almonds, Chia seeds and frozen fruit. I drink that after class and even though I am more wore since it is early and not much food before class, that helps to replenish and curb the craving.

    hope that helps.
  • RunningRichelleRunningRichelle Member Posts: 346 Member Member Posts: 346 Member
    I would do quinoa and black beans. Since both of them are beautiful, healthy, complex carbs, you should be ready to rock in the am! I like to have it with salmon.
  • vegansaravegansara Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    I second the idea of making a smoothie to devour right after class - I have done this for my 6 a.m. classes as well. I would chug it in the car on the way to work after class.

    The other option you have is to wake up 2 hours early, eat something like a banana or a lara bar, and go back to sleep until you need to wake up. I've done this as well, but not with great results (I love my sleep!)
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