WEEK 1 - July Spreadsheet and Challenge Ready!!!!



  • TS3g
    TS3g Posts: 74 Member
    Thanks man! Had a rough June, looking to get back on track in July.
  • larlo74
    larlo74 Posts: 45 Member
    Only see this now, but yay! :D I hope everyone had a good fourth :)

    Same here. I weighed the other day, so that's what I inputted.
  • fitmom_pam1976
    fitmom_pam1976 Posts: 1,192 Member
    Me too!! I just posted my weigh in!!! :)
  • hannamarie88
    hannamarie88 Posts: 231 Member
    Yay! Just posted my weigh in. Glad we are doing this for July :)
  • AmyByExample
    AmyByExample Posts: 422 Member
    Thanks for running this again!!
  • daisy79
    daisy79 Posts: 64 Member
    Just entered my first week gain! Between constant headaches and 4th if July, I knew first week would be bad. Back at it this week. Snuck in a weigh in this morning and I'm doing good! Can't wait to officially weigh in on Friday
  • blondageh
    blondageh Posts: 923 Member
    Just got back from vaca and saw this and am SO SO happay!! Thank you for doing this again. You rock!! I updated my July 5th. ♥ So glad to see my name already on there. =)
  • kevrit
    kevrit Posts: 2,488 Member
    bump to find later
  • anjani_009
    anjani_009 Posts: 511 Member
    I get an error in my 'Total Weight Lost' and '% Weight Lost'
  • megdeitz
    megdeitz Posts: 13 Member
    I entered my weight today and it looks like there's some error in the Excel formula. Not sure what it is. Line 143.

    ETA: So I saw the person 2 lines ahead of me added their weight for this week and it calculated fine. I just dragged the formula down to my line, and it seemed to resolve the issue.
  • adioschubs
    adioschubs Posts: 384 Member
    I got an error as well. Column P and R said #REF!
  • johng1973
    johng1973 Posts: 109 Member
    Looks like everything is all good! Sorry for not looking at this earlier. Had a hectic weekend! Hope everyone is doing well with the challenge. I'm still trying to recover from the July 4th week!!!