How often do you weight?

splashblob Posts: 249 Member
Just curious, once you are in maintenance, how often do you weight yourself? Is it different from the time you are trying to lose? I am still weight myself every morning just to remind myself not to get too confident and overeat things in a day. What about your?


  • 302cupcake
    302cupcake Posts: 34
    Weighing myself daily is just like logging daily - I will have to continue both if I am to keep the pounds off. It's part of my morning routine, just like brushing my teeth.
    FITnFIRM4LIFE Posts: 818 Member
    Monthly-maintained over 2 years.
  • The_Enginerd
    The_Enginerd Posts: 3,982 Member
    I continued weekly, same as when I was losing, for about the first year. Right now, since I know my TDEE so well, maybe once a month.
  • boatsie77
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    When I was losing weight, I weighed once a week (Sunday am); now that I'm in maintenance, I weigh once a day, first thing in the morning. I post my daily weight on an app called 'Libra' ( free) which smooths out the fluctuation and show a weekly trend. This gives me an overall picture to see if I am maintaining or gaining/losing so I can tweek my program if required.

    I still post my weekly Sunday weigh-in on MFP.

    I have been on maintenance for 3 months, 2 weeks.
  • quietHiker
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    I weighed in every day when I was losing and still step on that scale in the morning. It's nice knowing in maintenance mode, the fluctuations my body has with weight and learned not to freak out.

    When I was losing weight, I would freak out and the gain the next day, but continued to see a lower number as time passed...with maintaining, I'm learning (through weighing in every day) that my weight does move up and down, but it never strays too far in either direction of my goal weight, and I'm okay with that. :)
  • cbfliz
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    At the moment I am still weighing daily and logging the weight on MFP once a week. I find it's a hard habit to break but I find it interesting to note the fluctuations and working out what causes them. Maintaining now for a few months, which has included not logging food at weekends and it's all working out well. :smile:
  • FrancineM62
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    Once a week just as with weight loss--Monday mornings. More than that and I think I would obsess and let it affect my day; less often wouldn't work for me either. Once a month would be waiting too long to see the normal fluctuations. If it was up a little, waiting a whole month to see it go back down would be too long for me.
  • JesterMFP
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    Every day, same as when I was losing. I find that I do forget to do it sometimes now though.