Delicious 0 Net Carb Breakfast

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Hello All,

I wanted to share this recipe with you that I got from one of my Facebook Low Carb groups. I had it this morning and it was so good. Zero net carb and high fiber. Hope you like it.

2 tbsp chia seed
2 tbsp flax seed meal
2 tsp erythritol (I used a Stevia Sweetener packet)
1/3 cup hot water (I added a little more, was too thick)
2 tbsp heavy cream (optional)
2 tbsp nut butter (optional)
Berries (optional)

In a small bowl, stir together chia seed, flax seed meal, and erythritol.
Add hot water, stir and let sit for 2-3 minutes.
Stir in cream, nut butter, berries, raisins, chopped nuts...whatever floats your boat.

Serves 1. Each serving (without optional stir-ins) has a total of 18 g of carbs and 18 g of fiber. Whoa, that's a lot of fiber! Total NET CARBS = 0 g.



  • clare_smiles
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    Thanks! I'm going to try this one.
    I love that website/blog.
  • Chokis
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    I believe flaxseed does have some carbs left after you subtract fiber. Plus berries have carbs too (a little bit for that amount, but still).
    Otherwise, sounds like a yummy meal!
  • codapea
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