Birth Control after baby?



  • sarahharmintx
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    I had a paragard IUD for 6 years (only removed it to get pregnant). I plan on having another one inserted as soon as the doctor clears it.
  • BananaCat83
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    DS was born 6/8 and I started the mini pill one week ago today. I am ebf-ing and got my period yesterday :mad: My doc warned me that many women have random bleeding with it. There are a lot of women that also say it causes their milk supply to diminish, and I have noticed that as well. I wont be taking any more of them and plan to talk to my doc about an IUD. Just FYI :smile:
  • lisapr123
    lisapr123 Posts: 863 Member
    Yay, I found the ONE perk to need for birth control. Ever again! After 15 years of marriage and using some form of birth control for nearly 10 of them, we've been loving it no longer being a consideration. If we do somehow get pregnant naturally, we'll simply celebrate :)
  • jenluvsushi
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    I haven't totally decided what we will use yet but this topic kind of makes me laugh. When I had my last baby almost 3 years ago, every single nurse on every single shift would ask me this same question. Even at 2 am! I cannot tell you how much it got on my last nerves after a while. I am definitely going to have to think of something "creative" to tell them when I go in to have this little one. I mean, come 2 in the morning you really need to wake me and the baby up to ask what kind of BC I am going to use? I don't think so, lol!
  • samarieL
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    We'll continue using NFP and we use condoms during fertile times. We successfully prevented for 2.5yrs after our daughter before intentionally conceiving this baby so I feel confident. We are also of the mindset that another baby/pregnancy would not devastate us, we'd roll with it.
  • amv1023
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    This is my 3rd baby, and my husband and I are in total agreement that this is the final baby. I am having a tubal with this delivery. My doctor asked me about doing it last time, but I just wasn't ready to say I was done with 2 kids. This time I am 100% sure I am done and I am ok with 3 boys and never having a girl lol. After my other 2 babies I went on the pill though. I only nursed my 1st baby for about 5 days and had to switch to bottle feedings and I only nursed my 2nd baby for the time I was in the hospital, so it wasn't an issue with breast feeding for me. If I had been ok with getting pregnant right away after the last 2, I would have probably just used a natural method, but I wasn't willing to risk it at that point.