weekly check in and progress reports 25th - 31st August

a_new_dawn Posts: 520 Member
Another month is coming to a close...and that means we are another month stronger and another month closer to our goals!

I am pleased to say we have smashed through the 600 member mark! If only everyone was active! Come on people, lets do Jillian proud.. Lets get our bodies revolution-ized!!


  • snykiel
    snykiel Posts: 4
    Just starting this week. Excited and ready to get some more weight off.
  • Hi! Just started today, so glad for this group! I'm travelling home for Christmas and want to rock some of the beautiful party clothes I have! I just completed RI30. Anyone have an opinion about that vs JMBR?
  • svesemenja
    svesemenja Posts: 96 Member
    started week 2.. i am feeling good.. i still hate planks.. but i feel i am little bit stronger than in week 1.
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    I just started week 2 as well and I also hate planks... LOL! I'm definitely NOT doing Cardio 1 this week! I will be substituting with other cardio.
  • hkmurphy83
    hkmurphy83 Posts: 262 Member
    I'm on Week 2 of Phase 3! I am LOVING how strong I feel and am looking forward to the finish line. I haven't lost much weight so far with this series but my strength and muscle definition more than make up for it!
  • RedRita32
    RedRita32 Posts: 321 Member
    I'm on week 11...almost done! The last 2 weeks though seemed to drag on..I'm ready for a change of program I guess...I didn't see the 20 plus pound lost I thought I was going to get but it was a good experience and I do feel stronger..I still hate planks and burpees!!!!!!!LOL