Staring phase 1 this week



  • Kai85
    Kai85 Posts: 479 Member
    Did my cardio day. I really don't like the cardio dvd. I substituted for an hour on the elliptical.. Sorry Jillian....
  • eahouston
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    Hey everybody :) I just started Phase 1 of Body Revolution this week.

    I did 30 Day Shred back in December, and I had probably the best results I've ever had in a month. HOWEVER, I was SOOO bored doing the same video 10 days in a row that I took a major Jillian break and have just been doing other videos and workouts since then. Wanting to see good results again, I'm trying Body Revolution :-D I think I'll be much happier with the variety of workouts :)

    I tried the first cardio dvd a while ago, and I also didn't really like it. I prefer Jillian's strength stuff I guess. So my plan is to do 4 days a week of Body Revolution for the 90 days- The front/back muscle days. I think I'm doing a lot of other stuff to get my cardio in. I do dance classes 4-5 times a week for an hour each evening. I make sure to get over 10,000 steps on my fitbit each day. And I'm doing the Jessica Smith YouTube fitness challenge this month that has 30 minute videos each day. So far this week has been a cardio ball workout, a fitness walk, and a kickboxing vid. So I'm not even going to feel bad doing different cardio ;) Glad to hear you might be doing some substitutions for cardio as well, Kai85!