Lifting without a gym!?

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I'm really interested in getting more into the strength training side of things. I think my body is around a weight range it really likes so now I want to focus on creating muscle and getting stronger. I don't have access to a gym right now due to financial shortcomings, I do own a 20lb kettle bell, two 5lb weights and two eight lb weights, a tension chord and a bosu ball.
I know this is some pretty light equipment but I would love to hear if anyone has any advice about home lifting?


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    I'm basically in the same situation, except I have adjustable dumbbells that go up to 20 lbs and sadly no resistance band. I've been doing ChaLEAN Extreme as my beginner's program, and it's worked fairly well so far. They do also show you how to use resistance bands in place of heavier weights, so maybe that would be a good fit for what you're looking for? But I'm mainly writing to bump and hear more responses, haha!
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    I lift at home too. I started with Jillian Michael DVDs and light weights. I like to switch things up and tried kettle bells which I love. U can find cheap DVDs on amazon for Sarah lurie iron core for about 11.00 with 4 DVDs and some great workouts. I use a 20lb bell for this one. I then had my husband setup his old high school lifting equipment for me and I'm heavy lifting now! Squats, press, dead lifts and some tricep work. Great for the body to really transform. I am following the starting strength book for lifting. U can find equipment for cheap on Craigslist or yards sales, just be creative in your search. Good luck!
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    Here are 50 strength training exercises you can do anywhere. Using our own body weight can be challenging and is a great place to start while you build up Your at home training equipment. There are also Les Mills home videos for strength training that are just like the classes.

    And you can do a lot with the equipment have. Go to BODYBUILDING.COM and separately search each piece of equipment and it would list exercises associated with it, plus they will guide you on which body part each workout targets.
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    Bumping to listen in. I need this info too, thanks!
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    I did 2 rounds of Chalene Extreme. Now I'm using Cathe Friedrich Slow and Heavy series using 8lbs - 25lb dumbbells. Both have worked great for me.
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    Here's a book with an excellent program that I'm working on for bodyweight strength training for women.
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    You have to try TRX, I am in love with it at the moment and am seeing quick results. Its a resistance based workout where you use your body weight as the resistance. I think the bands themselves are quite expensive to buy but they are worth it. You can hook it up anywhere and work every part of your body (god I'm sounding like I'm getting commission from it!), but seriously, it is ace!
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    You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren is a really great book - he has a version for women (Body By You) but I can't vouch for that as I've only tried his initial book.
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    I've been a fan of the gym without the money pit attached for over 15 years. Cold weather and busy days mean I don't want to carry extra clothes, drive 4-12 miles extra per day, fight with others for the desired barbells or the elliptical machine with a 20 minute limit.. So I make due with 2-15lbs or weight and one big 5 gallon water bottle for squat lifts. I pick my music or cable shows and or silence. Yes having light weights can be let down but that's easy to overcome just do more reps. You can buy those resistance bands
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    :bigsmile: bumping appreciate all the resources from everyone!
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    So I make due with 2-15lbs or weight and one big 5 gallon water bottle for squat lifts.

    The 5 gallon water bottle is a really great idea thank you! That's about 40 lbs right?
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    I am close to goal weight. I really need to strength and tone! Great tips ladies.
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    If you are advanced, try You Are Your Own Gym. You don't need a ton of equipment that you'll outgrow to gain strength and change body composition. I'm using Body by You, and I've been really happy with it. See:

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    Saving all the sites and info shared - Much appreciated!!!
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    Do you have a planet fitness by you? They run promotions all the time where you can sign up for no fee and it's only $10 a month. If you're truly looking to build muscle, you're going to need heavier weights than what you own. However, the suggestions here are awesome. Also, and zuzka light on youtube have wonderful (HIIT) workouts that are bodyweight only.
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    I'm lifting without a gym, using dumbells. There is plenty to do with them and I've seen results.

    I'm very curious, for those bench pressing heavy, if you switched to dumbells, how heavy can you go? It's different and harder, isn't it? I can't imagine using 50lbs in each hand, ever.

    Personally, I'm not trying to meet a record of how heavy I can bench press, I'm trying to build muscle/inches, however I can. I would think dumbells would be just as efficient as a barbell for building muscle.
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    I'm using a program called P90X which is like having a gym at home, yet requires minimal equipment...and I'm able to work out in a small space. You can use either dumbbells and chin-up/pull up bar or weight resistance bands. I'm using the resistance bands and love it. The program is well balanced with focused strength training, yoga, kenpo, plyometrics/cardio and stretching.

    There is another program called Body Beast which gets many raves, yet it is very equipment dependent with dumbbells, chin-up/pull-up bar and weight bars.