Body for Life!


I have just started the Body for Life programme for the second time. I did it back in 2007 and never finished it. Don't know why because I had some good results. Still this time is going to be different. I'm looking for friends that love to lift to help me keep motivated. So if your looking for friends to then please send me friends requests.



  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,158 Member
    Hi - Body for Life is what started my journey (back) into weights! I started it in october, 2011.

    By end-of-December, 2011, I realized that "free weights" was a better route, for me, than the machines - so then I moved onto NROL4W.

    Good luck with your program!
  • ktpod1
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    Hi, I just started BFL yesterday! I purchased the book snd journal years and years ago but the timing wasnt correct until now. I have wiped the dust off (achoo!) And will see if I can have before and after pictures like the former challengers. Those pictures are amazing as well as their stories are motivating. Feel free to add me ad a friend.