Free Paleo Cookbook on kindle today


  • Thank you!! Off to download. :)
  • junoja
    junoja Posts: 25 Member
    Thank you!
  • HellsKells
    HellsKells Posts: 867 Member
    Great find! Thanks! I'm just starting out with this and can use all the ideas I can get my hands on =)
  • AllanMisner
    AllanMisner Posts: 4,140 Member
    Bacon-Avocado American Omelets!

    The only issue I have with the book is it doesn't have nutritional data on the recipes.
  • VegasFit
    VegasFit Posts: 1,232 Member
    Thanks! I love catching these Paleo freebies!
  • Akimajuktuq
    Akimajuktuq Posts: 3,037 Member
    Freebies are awesome. Thanks.

    Unfortunately I find cookbooks not useful in the ebook format. I spent $100 on cookbook ebooks before I finallly figured it out. Maybe I'm just too messy in the kitchen and the fact that it keeps shutting off and it's hard to just flip through and tag pages... or maybe I've just never learned to use my ereader effectively. :laugh: