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    Hi All!!

    Very excited to be doing another challenge (I was a shark last time around). I made it all the way to week 13 last time. I know I don't have a hope of winning due to my relatively low SW but I can't wait to get on track with the accountability. The challenges remind me to log faithfully and to incorporate weight training with my running.

    I have a goal of running 4 more halves before I turn 40. This means staying healthy and injury free. First half is November 17th.
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    Hi! I am very new to this and have never done a challenge before. I am looking forward to being more accountable with my weight loss. I am very active and run (I have done two half marathons) and like weight training. I am at a point where I am not moving the scale at all, and it is getting very frustrating. Looking forward to getting off some pounds!!
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    Good luck Twin Mom!! I ended up with Plantar Facitis (I am sure I spelled that wrong) and was out of running for a good six months. My best advise is to keep in newer sneakers and don't push the mileage up too fast. :)
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    Thanks Stacey! I did two halves last year (Surf City in Febuary and Mountains to Beach in May). Other than some lingering hamstring/glute med. issues I came out pretty good. I just planned out my 4 races. Hubby is giving me a little grief because 3 of the 4 are in San Diego County.

    November: Silver Stand in San Diego
    January: Carlsbad
    April: La Jolla
    July: She Jane Run in Seattle
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Dar, and I've done 2 or 3 of Sheri's challenges in the past (I was a Shark and a Raven!). I loved the accountability and challenging myself, but didn't stick around too long due to my low start weights. This time I am looking to get back on track with my exercise after having baby #5 in April. I tried to be healthy and active during pregnancy, but still managed to pack on 40lbs, and 20 of those are still here and seem to be moving in. It will be a challenge because I know from the past that my body LOVES being in this weight range, and I am nursing my daughter so I need to be careful to balance everything. It's easy to find excuses, but I know these challenges won't allow for that. ;) Just what I need!

    Looking forwards to getting to know everyone! Go Wolverines! :D
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    Hello Everyone, sorry I'm late checking in.

    I'm Kelly, one of the team leaders along with Gillian, this is my fourth challenge with Sheri, I live in the UK have two weebles (maybe that should say three including their dad) I love running so love that we have other runners in the group, I just did my first half a few weeks back, have a 10k trail which is rather hilly, even the vets at the running club say it a killer.. I'm on planning more races (they do get addictive) Twin_mom I love that you have a goal before you're 40, my own goal is too do a full before then but have a few years yet, but I'm really considering just going for it next year!

    Stacey (hope that is your name correct me if I'm wrong) I also like weight training, but since I moved in June haven't done any and don't have a gym membership, so have just started convict conditioning which is body weight fitness, but I do love picking heavy crap up and putting it down again :) Welcome to team wolverine if you have any question just hollow!!!!!

    Dar if you were a raven then you must of done Sheri's very first challenge which Keri won, I joined in and won the one after her, then it went to a dolphin and then back where it belongs which was Gillian who won twice :) So we have a fab streak, we just ooze awesomeness by default :)

    Like to say a huge welcome back and glad you joined in to Elaine (Tema) who was the team leader in the challenge I won, you rock girl - how is baby doing and big sister?

    We also have of course Gillian and Izzie back, we have a wolverine jumped ship humm ... a regret I'm sure she'll soon realize, lol only joking I wish Kirsty the best of luck. especially as she's a northern like me (UK that is)

    If you haven't checked in remember you need to do that and also weigh in... also you'll get 25 points if you fill in the measurements (which is what I'm meant to be doing, I just don't know where my tape measure is...)
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    Checking in
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    Hi all, i'm Izzie. I have done 3 or 4 challenges with Sheri and am definitively looking to get back in shape with this one.
    I work 2 jobs as a nurse and have a hard time staying committed because of time constraint!
    It's no excuse but it is reality.
    I will work 6days a week up to November 3rd, but should get back to a normal schedule afterwards
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    Hi everybody

    I promise I'll add more when I have more time... Prob won't be till tomorrow....:indifferent: But my names Elaine I'm from NZ :happy:

    Looking forward to doing the challenge.... As I just had baby number two...

    Oh I've also sent my measurements in (did it yesterday afternoon actually) and I've noticed it's not inked off yet, so I might give Sheri a quick PM tomorrow to make sure she's got them....

    Sorry will check in properly tomorrow :wink:
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    where do you put your measurements in -
    on the "check in" tab?
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    Hi Everyone! This is going to be my third challenge with Sheri and I'm very amped up for this one! On both of the previous challenges I was a Shark.

    I work full time and I go to school. Last challenge I ended up getting swamped with school work and fell off track. I am really excited for this challenge though because one of my goals in my life is to manage my time better. I know I have the time for everything but I just don't seem to make the most of my time. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you guys during this challenge. :smile:
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    @ Stacey

    copy & paste this below link into your browser to input your measurements

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    I'm shattered and it's just past 9pm here, think an early night is in order as it's an early morning running club session... I think it's about 6-8 miles ish tomorrow, not too sure as I missed Thursday (Parents evening)). Hopefully it will tick something off for this week :) Looking forward to the weeks challenge, hopefully it'll be up before I head out in the morning.
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    Hi all, I'm Gillian and currently live in Victoria BC. We are moving back to the UK sometime later this year, once we get the blasted house sold!

    This is my 3rd challenge with Sheri and Kelly. I'm just on the recovery end of back surgery a few months ago and will be using the challenge to get myself back to where I was. I hit goal weight just before the back injury, then of course because of lack of exercise managed to put a few pounds back on, but not too many.... :) I walk, a lot, and also enjoy cycling and horseback riding, so am quite active and hope to build back up to where I was just a few months ago.

    Yeah Wolverines!

    The first week challenge is now up, so make sure you have a good look at it and if you have any questions, please let us know... And we're off......
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    Here is week 1 any Qs, just ask, if you would prefer you can PM myself or Gillain (mailaig) - now off for a coffee to think of what to choose.....

    WEEK 1 Challenge
    #1 - WORKOUT
    30/30/45/60 - Do a Minimum of 4 workouts this week
    2x 30 minutes - 1x 45 minutes - 1x 60 minutes
    (Sunday - Friday morning 10am) - On 4 Different Days! (all these times are, of course, challenge minimums...feel free to go longer!!)

    BURN a MINUMUM of 1000 CALORIES For the Week!!
    As I don't believe I have total completion of teams I'm going to keep this # kind of low but straight across the board - so All Teams Need to hit a minimum of 13,000 Calories! That should be more than doable for all teams!
    #2 - REPS - This is Always IN ADDITION to your workout times
    Do 400 Reps!
    YOU Choose what you want to work - Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio or Core! ALL 400 Reps for this week MUST work the area you chose! You may do different types of reps but work the 1 area All Week! 25 of 1 specific exercise at one time to be couted toward the 400.
    You can use weighted machines, weights or just your own body...examples - squats, glute reps, leg lifts, crunches,
    situps, jumping jacks....the internet or your teammates
    are GREAT for reference or ideas for this!

    #3 - Focus on Flexibility - CHOOSE something you would like to be able to do by the end of the Challenge!! For this week - Just spend 5 Minutes on 3 days doing some strectching to get yourself closer to your goal.
    ie: on the big side...maybe you would like to be able to do the splits or when you're standing you would like to be able to bend and lay your hands flat on the ground or when sitting you would like to be able to open your legs wider when stretching and/or lower your head to the ground. AND this is in addition to any before/after stretching you should be doing in your workouts!!!! Internet and teammates is a great place for stretching ideas and I also have a huge book on it if you need ideas.

    Thats it this week for the workout...Simple huh?!
    BUT most of you know me....this is Definitely your mellow week....Much More Fun To Come from here on out!

    OVER this week you need to.....
    #4 - CHOOSE a habit you would like to change (Does NOT have to be diet/exercise related)
    ideas...go from 3 alcoholic beverages to 1 - Stop drinking altogether - Quit/cut back smoking - Stop talking negatively to yourself - cut out soda - or caffeine - cut back to 1 hour a day playing video games - or 1 hour a day mindless surfing the internet (not including MFP ;-P) - Stop watching tv by 7pm...etc.

    #5 - CHOOSE a New Good Habit or Hobby!!
    ideas - Do 10 minutes more stretching before and after a workout, spend 20 minutes a day organizing a room in your house - walk the stairs EVERYtime stairs are an options - learn how to play an instrument or a new language - donate your time - take time to read 30 minutes each day - cook a meal each day and sit down at the table to eat it -
    cook 7 meals in advance for the week!

    For #4 AND #5 - These will start next week and are for the entire challenge so CHOOSE WISELY!! and these will be for points... you have a week to think about it - Suggestion...write down a bunch of things for both that you would like to do...then narrow it down...BE REALISTIC BUT Please also Choose something that Will, In Fact, Be a CHALLENGE for you!! You need to have chosen your items by Friday Deadline
    For posting - you can ask you team leader how they want it -
    but it will go on your team thread daily or every couple days.....:Hopefully you all have had some contact with your teams...after today I will be more available so if you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask!!! Posting sample....
    Stretch Goal - Back Bend....
    30 Min / 420 Calories (biking, zumba, walking)
    50 Upper Body Reps (50 total)
    Stretching - 5 minutes
    20 Points (those you'll see next week!)
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    Forgot to say, when posting this week and for the first few, it would be helpful for newbies, if you could put down what type of reps you did - to give them ideas... please feel free to post links to great site ... hint, hint Gillian :)

    Okay let's get the week off to a fab start!!!! Don't worry if you haven't got a cross next to your name for anything you have inputted, Sheri had a crazy busy weekend - we have all weighed in bar one (which I pmd her and Sheri knows also) so we good to go - once the craziness of first week calms - she'll will catch up, if by next week you still haven't got the cross for the measurements let me know (mine isn't there either ATM) and I'll PM Sheri this along with next week weigh ins!

    Okay let's rock it Wolverines!
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    Hi All,

    Sorry for the late check in - I was using the phone app too much. But I will make sure to check the laptop a few times a week to stay involved with the page.

    Anyway, my name is Kerri and I'm starting at 225. Yep, I'm a big girl, but one that is motivated. An one that lost 10 pounds while sitting on a couch all summer. On June 26th I shattered my ankle. Needless to say, 2 months of immobilization, plus a blood clot from my knee to my ankle, and I've come to appreciate the need to get healthy once and for all in a whole new light. During the past month I've been dealing with my own case of plantar fasciitis from the boot and some serious tendinitis. However, I was just released from PT on Friday because I have reached 70% of my mobility back. The PT told me it will take a full year to get it all back. I'm ready to take that 10lb loss while sitting on the couch to a whole new level with this challenge.

    To this end, here are my goals for this week / for the challenge:

    #1 - I will work out on Sunday, Tues, Wednesday, & Friday
    #2 - I will do 300+ reps on arms/back and 100 reps on my calves
    #3 - My flexibility is on calf stretches for my tendinitis.
    #4 - No more snacking/eating after 7pm. This is when I get myself into trouble!
    #5 - Read 2 books / workbook pages with my daughter every day, not just 2 or 3 times a week.
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    HI All,

    My goals for this week are:

    1. Workout days Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri
    2. 400 sit ups
    3. Flexibility stretching - Wider sitting toe touch stretch
    4. NO snacking after 7
    5. Start up my knitting again :)
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    Hi all...

    1.) My running days are Monday (mid distance), Wednesday (short), Thursday (long) and Saturday (short ...doesn't count to challenge). I plan on putting in my 4th day at the gym for my reps.

    2.) Flexibility: I hope to increase overall....goal is to touch hands flat to the ground

    3.) Improvement Goal: No more computer or iphones after the kids go to bed.

    4.) Need to think here....not sure on a hobby. Running has been my hobby for the last couple of years.
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    Hi all,

    I just got back from the Gym. Here are today's numbers:

    1. Workout - 81 Minutes (45 cardio for 5.5 miles, 36 lifting) for a total of 628 calories today
    2. Reps - total of 324
    36 Calf Raises
    36 Abductor (inside thighs)
    36 Abductor (outside thighs)
    36 Bench Press
    36 Ab Machine
    36 Rowing machine
    36 Lat Pulls
    36 Tricep Dips (Machine)
    36 Shoulder Lifts (Machine)

    Is this ok for reporting?