The Tomorrow People

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Okay, first off, am I the only one here who used to watch the old series from the 70s? I so wanted to be able to jaunt!

Second, did anyone catch the remake on the CW last night? I thought they did a pretty good job, not quite what I would have envisioned in a couple of ways but a decent revival.


Love that they kept so many of the old names, wish they'd done the same with jaunting. ;-)

Too much violence. TTP are supposed to be non-violent, unable to kill even in self-defense, but I always liked the idea that it was a difference in the way their minds worked that simply made it something that would never even occur to them to kill. I don't like the way they made it look like some sort of outside rule imposed on them, that they'd be happy to kill otherwise. You can have plenty of action without it being lethal, guys!

I think Mom knows more than she's telling, about her husband and about Stephen. Hmm, were they high school sweethearts, by any chance? Was she around when dear old dad broke out?

I like that they might actually let the kids have different abilities, different things they're good at.

So, what did you think?


  • laydeneko
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    Yes! I used to LOVE watching Tomorrow People whenever I could catch it at my grandmother's. I didn't know they were doing a remake, I'll see if I can watch it online.

    Thanks for letting me know!
  • stiobhard
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    I have only seen the new one. When I first heard about it, I thought it was DC comics thing but I think I was thinking of the Forever People... The fact it came on after Arrow I think was part of giving me that mistaken impression... The first one was a BBC show, right?