Nesquik chocolate milk after workouts?

Don't know whether I should be posting this question here but since I have just joined this group, thought I should post it here.
I have just started nrolfw and have also started eating acc to 20%- TDEE which is around 1700 calories which is so much to eat...sometimes I don't know how to go beyond 1300 calories but I am trying since my metabolism has slowed so much thanx to being on 1200 calories since last one year. Anyways I wanted to know post my workouts, can I have skim milk with nesquik chocolate powder. I am just not a fan of protein powders( besides they are very exp in dubai as I stay here) . Have heard that chocolate milk is very good for workout recovery, so wanted yr opinion/ advice on it
Thank u so much and am so happy to be a part of this group. Feel like I have finally enjoying my life and can see difference in the mirror( the scale has been kicked out)