Have you tried "breading" your meats with nuts?



  • tk1531
    tk1531 Posts: 10 Member
    try rolling pieces of chicken in mustard then in a ground seed and nut mix - pop in the oven for homemade paleo nuggets :)
  • HellsKells
    HellsKells Posts: 867 Member
    I had almond crusted tilapia twice last week! It's amazing. You rub the fish down with dijon mustard, then coat it in crushed almonds with salt, pepper and paprika. I tried subbing in almond meal, and for whatever reason, that didn't work as well as just bashing up some almonds with a rolling pin (I don't have a food processor...yet!). Pan fry in coconut oil.

    I've also made pistachio crusted fish and it's equally amazing.