How was your BG after Thanksgiving Dinner?

mfigurski Posts: 23 Member
My goal yesterday was to try to limit my carb intake at dinner, but the food was so good that I let myself indulge a bit and had some extra mashed potatoes and stuffing. After dinner, I was really concerned that my BG was going to skyrocket. I am happy to report that it wasn't too bad.

My BG just before dinner was 106 and it spiked to 155 post prandial. My BG has gone a lot higher on fewer carbs before, so I am pretty pleased with that. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!


  • JaceyMarieS
    JaceyMarieS Posts: 719 Member
    49 total carbs for dinner - 23 net carbs. Before dinner, BG was 75. One hour later, BG was 105. Two hours post-prandial, BG was 91. Three hours later, after a 3 mile walk, BG was back down to 79. A successful food day for me :-)
  • It's great to hear how you both successfully managed Thanksgiving. Enjoy the leftovers! ~Lynn /Glucerna
  • djshari
    djshari Posts: 513 Member
    You guys did well!! Honestly I did not test. Partly because I forgot my meter when I went out of state but also because I decided not to test that day unless I felt I needed to. I usually skip bread/rolls anyway so the only mashed potatoes to worry about but it's easy to limit that with so many other choices.