5ft6 - 5ft7 goal weight?



  • themumbler86
    I'm 5'7" and looking to be around 135 or so ultimately :) ..I don't weigh myself very often though so going more on how i look /feel as last time i went under 140 (unhealthily) I looked gaunt, so if the same happens again I'll go a little higher and just aim at toning up!
  • nephalime
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    I'm 5'6" and my goal weight is 103-105. Thats' when I look the best/fit. I hovered between 112-115 for the last two years (not exercising/ eating right) and have flabbed up. I'm currently at 110 and just trying to get lean. BUT I have a tiny frame so I can get away with that weight.

    I'm exactly the same, 5'6'' and im now 115. i'm skinny but fat skinny if you know what i mean ! I need to toned up, i want to get around 105, do you find it hard to loose weight ? im on 1500 calories a day, planning to go down to 1200 because i feel like i'm just maintenaing right now. it's harder because the thinner you are, the harder you have to workout to loose calories.
  • caiteesmith
    I've been 5'5"-5'6" and 120lbs for the past 6 or 7 years. Then after turning 21, I found out I gained 15 lbs. After realizing I was 135 lbs, I said enough was enough. Now, I'm 122 and I'm at 126 lbs (although my weigh-in after the weekend, I was 129 lbs WTF.) My realistic goal is back to 120lbs. My ultimate goal is 115 lbs. I have really wide hips, thick thighs, and a big butt so I think 115 would be perfect. I LOVE food so this whole diet thing has been a bit of a struggle but it definitely teaches self-discipline and I do cheat every now and then. I'm nowhere near obese but I'm super out of shape and wouldn't mind that belly fat to go away and for my thighs to slim down. It'd be nice if the cellulite and stretch marks would go away too but I guess we can't always have our cake and eat it too (o:
  • petalbelle
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    I posted about 2 months ago in this group and today I weighed in at 123! I have lost 7ish pounds give or take since then and I am getting so close to my goal of 118, and I just wanted to provide some encouragement for all you beautiful ladies out there: you can do it! I'm so proud of everyone working towards their weight/fitness goals :) so stick to your eating plans and just imagine how great you'll feel when you get to your ideal weight!
  • crash_aly
    I am 5'6" and my goal is 140-145, my current weight is 158 but I am quite pear shaped and carry a lot of my weight in my lower body with wide set hips and thick legs. I might go a little lower once I reach my goal but will likely stop focusing on the scale and start thinking more about other goals like running or doing a sprint triathalon.
  • dexyfox7
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    I am 5' 7" and look my best at 125ish and that's my goal weight as soon as I'm done with this pregnancy. I've been down to 120 but only while working out and eating super clean. At 120, I tend to look a little too thin, even with a small build. I have hips, a butt and boobs, which doesn't help lol.
  • AliceEstee
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    I'm 5'7" and 36 yrs old
    CW 153.5 (lost 4 lbs since joining MFP!)
    GW 140 but I guess in my heart of hearts I'd prefer 133 which is, according to the NHS, what I weighed last time they weighed me when I was 23... 13 yrs ago. But I'd be happy at 10st.
    Joined this group because I'm in the healthy weight bracket, tho right at the top of it.
    Ironically, I am fitter than I've ever been - I could totally beat my skinny 23-yr-old self in a race.
    I play netball, cycle, run, yoga, climb... But I've never bothered to control my diet in any way... Hence the gradual weight gain.
    Looking for some MFP buddies and general mutual support!

    My first post :)

  • caitlindb88
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    Whoa. Some of the goal weights on here are really, really, low. I'm 5'7, currently 152 pounds, started at 158 and would be perfectly happy at between 140-145.
  • janicelo1971
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    Whoa. Some of the goal weights on here are really, really, low. I'm 5'7, currently 152 pounds, started at 158 and would be perfectly happy at between 140-145.

    I agree...I think I need to rethink my goal weight:(
  • sofiawantstolose
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    I'm 18, 5'6, my CW is 150, and my goal weight is 133. I started at 165ish.
  • I'm 5'6 (and a quarter if you want to be exact!) and I'm currently 132 lbs. I'm hoping to get down to 115 lbs.
  • NextPage
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    I'm 5ft 6 and my goal weight is 145-150. I have always been an hourglass and even at 135 lbs I'm quite busty. I think that body type, age and fitness level are important to consider. For me becoming too thin makes me look disportionate (top-heavy). On the other hand, my friend who is the same age, height and often works out with me, has an athletic build and likes to keep her weight a bit lower so her waist doesn't disappear. She sometimes envies me my curves and I sometimes wish I had her strong lean legs and killer arms.

    I'm a bit concerned about all this talk about "hating" body parts. These same body parts get you from A to B, let you run, walk and play. We kind to yourself and remember to never say outloud what you wouldn't want your younger sisters and daughters to say about themselves. Also, keep in mind, that chances are while you are at the gym thinking negative thoughts, someone else is thinking I wish I had her ________________.
  • leahhugh
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    I'm 5ft 6in and my goal is around 130-135. I was down to 135 this summer, but stopped working out and not eating the best, though not that badly. Now I am basically starting over at 145. I know the measurements I want, and I'll shoot for that! Hoping to burn the fat and build the muscle :)

    Shooting for 20-21 BMI
  • jenbob555
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    I'm 5'6" and my goal weight is around 120. I'm 146 now and within the "healthy weight range" but I'm pear-shaped so my butt and thighs are HUGE now. 120 has always been my goal, but honestly if I'm toned, lose a majority of the cellulite (I can dream lol), and look fit, I don't care what the number is!
    GSXRGIRL61 Posts: 6,178 Member
    I'm 5'6", 118 lbs., goal weight is 116.5-117 and stay there. BMI charts show that 114.5 is the lowest for a healthy weight for my height, so I'll definitely stay above that. The thing that I've noticed about hips, thighs, and yes, even calves, is that we can lose inches there by running. I, too, believed that I was destined to have the "Hyder" hips (that's one side of the family) and that nothing I could do would change that or the size of my thighs. Then I took up running, and I lost several inches in the booty and in each thigh, and yes, even an inch in the calves. I do not eat many refined carbs, but I do eat lots of lean protein, green veggies, and fruit. I try to get in between 400-900 calories burned through exercise almost every day. I take kickboxing, spinning, and circuit training classes as well as working out with the running or an elliptical or a stairclimber. I'm in much better shape now than my 20-year-old self was. I just wish my 20-year-old self hadn't been quite so fatalistic about my shape and weight.
  • icha3x
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    5-7" here too and stuck at 150, would love to see 135. for me the weight number is just that. its the fat rolls that need to go....ick!
    I am starting to think that BMI is just a rouse that fat people came up with to make them selves feel okay to be a bit out of shape. oh but of course round is a shape...smh
  • mlt2908
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    I just signed up for this website as I would like to lose about 10 lbs, but I am not sure what weight I'd like to be....I am 5'5" and currently at 140 because of bad eating habits during the holidays. I am pretty active - I run, ski, bike, or do some sort of aerobic exercise 6 days a week and so have a bit of muscle...but still need toning in my core area and thighs/butt. I'm 52 so it has been definitely easier to put on weight as I got older. I don't even know really what my frame size is...my weight often goes up and down about 10 lbs or so. I wear a size 2 or 4 most often in jeans and a 4 - 6 in a dress size, but I do not have small bones at all...I think I've got a medium frame but I'm not sure how to tell. I think I can fit into smaller sizes as I have sort of boyish hips?!?? I was excited to find this website as I'm really wanting to lose those 10 lbs. A few years ago, I got down to 127 and felt great, but unfortunately I started letting eating habits slide and gained some of that back. I'd love to get down to 130 before wearing shorts again!
  • jamieevren1210
    Hey. I'm 5'7" and 123.5 lbs (I really would prefer metric...)
    Started out five days ago with 125 lb
    Would like to lose 15 until I'm 110, and then bulk up to 125 in muscle. Used to play soccer and was a triathlete in 7th grade.
    I'm eating 1200 kcals a day, since that's what MyFitnessPal told me to do. I wonder if I'm making a mistake? Heard it was the bare minimum and I'm getting all cold and hungry. My BMR is around 1400 though, if that would help.
  • lindzalexis
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    I'm 5'7 and would like to hit 130-135. I'd say I'm slightly pear shaped with an average build - anything less than 130 looks skeletal on me.

    My biggest indicator though will be pants size, not the scale. I've drifted up to a size 12 in recent years, and want to get down to a 10 or even an 8.
  • amandamccall338
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    I am 5'6 and my goal weight is 155! LOL I am currently 164.5 I think 145 is where I would like to end up at, or a size 8.