Let's hear your baby names



  • miranda_mom
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    We are having a boy and I so badly wanted either Gabriel or Tristan and my DH is not having either one... I made him promise though if we have a second boy, he will have Tristan.. whether first or middle, lol.

    We are trying to agree whether or not to name our baby boy Jude Alexander or Alexander Jude... we also like Luke and Zane :smile:

    I don't know if this influences your decision at all but I work with babies and toddlers and there are a TON of Alexanders out there. Personally, that would make me lean toward Jude. (Grain of salt though - we are going with Gabriel and there are a TON of them too).
  • DawnieB1977
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    We're still picking through names. We're not going to find out what we're having, so we have to pick for both.

    For a boy, the only name we have is Ian Arthur.

    For a girl, we have Maiya Elizabeth or Zoey Mae.

    We definitely need more names to pick through, but we've got time yet.

    That's funny! I have a Maya already, and we're thinking of calling this one Zoë! My 4 year old son is Jack.
  • MandyMason7
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    girl - Marissa Nicole
    boy - Blake Andrew
  • mrs_n0rris
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    I love the name Fox, we originally wanted Jude Fox for a boy, since our last name starts with K so his initials would be JFK (my husband's idol) and Jack Kerouac is my idol so it would still work with JK. But we've since changed our minds and now are leaning towards Bennett Riker (as in Star Trek's Captain Riker ha ha)

    ^^ Awesome! We also thought about Jean-Luc, because we have a french last name/family...and for the more obvious ST coolness ;)
  • KimberlyTG2
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    I am so stumped on a name. We are having a boy. Our first son is Ian Andrew. I was hoping that by reading all of your names I would get inspired. But I don't know I just can't find a name that seems to click
  • doodlebug32
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    we don't know what we are having yet, but for a girl i've ALWAYS wanted Avelina (named after my great grandmother, think the song "Ave Maria" and Lena), but my husband who is not hispanic thinks he can't handle a name he can't pronounce (although he LOVES Spanish and encourages our son to speak it as much as possible)...little does he know that if this child is a girl i'm not really giving him much of a choice!! ;)

    i'm having trouble with a boy's name - our son is named Matthew. i like the names Henry, Mitchell, or Samuel so far. the middle name would be Francisco after my father and both grandfathers.

    I also like the name Francesca for a girl which would be a play on Francisco (hubby likes it too)...good thing i have plenty of time to decide!! ha!
  • toshi89
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    I am actually no longer prego as of two weeks ago, but I named my daughter Talitha. If we had had a boy, his name would have been Lloyd, like my husband.
  • misskerouac
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    I"m now trying to wear my husband down and get him to cave to the idea of Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird) as a middle name if it's a girl, so it would be Olive Scout K.

    I think it's so damn adorable and quirky but not TOO out there.
    He's with me on Olive, but so far not so much on Scout lol
  • OtiWanKenobi
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    We found out the day after Christmas we're having a little girl. We've decided to name her Juliana Sophia. We both really like the name Juliana and Sophia came from Sophie the Giraffe teether. We're going to make her bedroom all giraffe themed. ;-)

    We were really stuck on boy names so were happy when we found out it's going to be a girl.
  • lieselLalor
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    With my first pregnancy we had Margolis (Mar-go-lease) Sue for a girl and Findlay (Fin-lee) Thomas for a boy. Luckily we had a boy because I don't like the girl's name we had picked out anymore. I can't share my current baby's but they are all named after people in our family.
  • lieselLalor
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    Great names everybody...love to see the variety.

    I think we've finally settled on:
    Seth for a boy
    Autumn for a girl (Mom doesn't like it, but I think it's so pretty)

    The middle name will probably his father or my grandma David and Rena

    I like Autumn. Before I got married, all of my favorite girl names were nature-related; Daisy and Rose were my favorites. Since we've chosen to give all of our children Gaelic names, we picked the Irish version of Rose for this baby. Her name will be Roisin Marie (pronounced "Ro-sheen"). I also like it because our current youngest daughter is named Aisling ("Ash-ling"), which is a type of poetry, and Roisin Dubh is the name of a famous poem of that type.

    I LOVE Gaelic names. I even looked at Aisling as a contender but it's too close to Ashley for me.
  • RoxyMoody
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    We're going with Caroline Lilly (We were married in north Carolina and Lilly's are my favorite flowers)
  • Momma2CharlieJane
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    My first is Charlie Jane. We don't know what we are having this time, but we are decided on a girls name (just not the spelling yet) and have two names for a boy. My husband knows what we are having, but I don't.

    Our girl name is Eliotte Jean.

    The boy's names are Jason Stephen or Stephen Clifford. My husband would really like to name the baby (if it is a boy) after his Dad, which is Stephen. I don't really like the name as a first name so I would prefer Jason Stephen. Plus, Stephen Clifford is his brother's full name and he also has a brother Clifford.
  • dewsmom78
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    We have Devyn Elizabeth who will be 2 next month. Our boy is due in March and he will be Ethan Daniel.
  • bekahl
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    We have a 4 year old little boy called Aden Riley. I used to do a lot of travelling before I fell pregnant so I wanted to name our Son after a place but not one that was obviously a place or too common. Aden is a beautiful port city in Yemen, I liked Riley from hearing it many years ago on the tv show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with another little boy. This time I've gone for names that I heard on my fave tv shows and loved them instantly. He is going to be called Tate Reid.
    Tate is from the first season of American Horror Story and Reid is from Criminal Minds.

    I've had to hound my partner to death for these names but seeing as he can't think of any names thathe likes other than Lennon he just eventually gave in! lol

    None of our family members really likes Tate but I love it and my partner kind of likes it so I'm not bothered what anyone else thinks. I'm sure that once they see our goreous little bundle he will change their minds about his name :)
  • StephanieL14
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    We are leaving the sex of our baby a surprise and we are having such a hard time coming up with names for a boy! I like names like Alexander, Matthew, Benjamin, etc but DH doesn't love them. Middle name will likely be Eric though (family name).
  • tzig00
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    We have finally settled on some names. If it's a baby girl it will be Makayla Lee, and a boy is Jackson George.
  • michelleepotter
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    I LOVE Gaelic names. I even looked at Aisling as a contender but it's too close to Ashley for me.

    A LOT of people call her Ashley at first. And when she says, "Aisling, with a G," they look so confused. Honestly, it makes me LOL. So far no one has had much of a problem with Roisin, which is pretty nice. Even my grandma says it right, and she still calls my 5yo son "Dee-are-mud." (Diarmuid = "deer-mid")

    I also have a daughter named Sinead, although she was almost Aiobh. And I know a Siobhan, though I don't like her very much. :-P
  • hep26000
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    I am not pregnant but joined this group because I am hoping I will be by summer. I have two little girls already. Fingers crossed to get blessed with a boy for my last and final baby.
    My oldest daughter is Shaylee Michele and my youngest is Delaney Kate.
    Shaylee is celtic and means- fairy princess of the field. Michele (with one L) is girl version of Michael which is my husbands middle name.
    Delaney was just something we liked and could both agree on (I originally wanted Harper) and Kate is the girl version of my husband's grandfather's name.
  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    Boy name is Ernest Gerald and girl name is Lena Lucille. We love family names, and this go round I get to pick the name as my husband named both of our sons.

    David Terry ( named after both of our fathers)
    Iver Roy (named after a great-uncle on his side, and we each had a grandpa named Roy)

    Ernest Gerald is my paternal great-grandpa, and my maternal grandpa's names
    Lena Lucille is my paternal great-grandma, and Lucille is my maternal grandma's middle name, and his paternal grandma's first name.

    We're naming after our grandparents as well. A boy will be Orin after my grandfather and a girl will be Charlotte after his grandmother.

    The middle names are after where he proposed to me. We were backpacking on North Manitou island, which is in Leelanau County, MI. The ferry to get to the island leaves from Leland, MI.

    So if a boy, his name will be Orin Leland.
    For a girl, I like Charlotte Leelanau, but Mark thinks that's too long and we that should call her Charlotte Leeloo, which I'll probably let him talk me into.

    I loved seeing this post! I grew up in Leelanau County, but live in CA now. I miss it everyday! I live the Leland as a middle name :)

    We have since found out that we will be having a Charlotte and not an Orin, so she will be Charlotte Leeloo.

    (so you can steal "Leland" if you like, lol)