2014 - Beginning JMBR

wvuchica43 Posts: 12 Member
Hey all! Welcome to 2014! I just received the JMBR last night and did the first workout. Is anyone else on this journey? Or plan on starting?

I need support through these next 90 days haha


  • I am just about to complete week one today. I've started this program many times and always get sidetracked and end up quitting. I'm hoping I can complete it this time and need support as well. I love that's it's only about 30 min a day. I am 5'2 and 130 lbs so I only burn around 250 calories per workout (if that). I currently use 5lb weights and am sure I need to increase to get the most out of this. I love to hate Jillian :)
  • crisdai
    crisdai Posts: 60 Member
    i started today!
  • EV1108
    EV1108 Posts: 13 Member
    I just completed week 1 yesterday. Loved having my rest day today lol. Im also looking to share this journey and get motivated :)
  • fletchleg
    fletchleg Posts: 116 Member
    I've done it before and had really good results, think I might give it another bash starting tonight and hopefully it'll get me back on track and out of the 240s for good!
  • just finished week 1! :)
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    I just restarted this program this week. My last attempt was a fail... I only made it to week 4. I will complete the program this time!!!
  • I am starting again tomorrow. I started it once before and quit. My weight keeps creeping up and I feel yucky. Time to get motivated and lose some weight, get in shape for summer!
  • Krista_Louise80
    Krista_Louise80 Posts: 1 Member
    I started on Monday, looking forward to seeing results. Love Jillian!
  • I am starting my first work out tonight. I cannot wait to see how it is. Good luck on your journey! Keep us updated on your results :)
  • Soulfirst
    Soulfirst Posts: 3 Member
    Starting Monday