• Honeytips
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    Name: Nelle
    Location: Brisbane
    Sex: Female
    Age: 36
    Height: 165cm
    Starting Weight: 67.3kgs
    Starting Date: 20 January
    Goal Weight: 62kgs

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 31cm
    Chest: 92cm
    Hips: 99cm
    Thigh: 61
    Belly button: 91.5 (this is additional on my part since my waist is so high I like to measure around where my bb is)
    Starting Body Fat % (if known): Will get this done at the gym
    Goal Body Fat %: TBA

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): At the end of the 12 weeks, after eating right and healthy and going to the gym/running; I step on the scale - I'm totally ecstatic!! I'm finally 62kgs!!! Whooohooohoooooo!!! Avoiding chocolates and sodas and working out actually did it!! Not only am I at my goal weight, I'm stronger, I can run faster and I look so much better in my clothes!! Goodbye forever ugly love handles, hello beautiful, trim, taunt and terrific body!!
  • Miffylou
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    Name: Lou
    Location: Adelaide
    Sex: f
    Age: 43
    Height: 152 cm
    Starting Weight: 65.7kg
    Starting Date: 16/1/13
    Goal Weight: 60kg

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 29cm
    Chest: 108cm
    Waist: 89cm
    Hips: 100cm
    Thigh: 51cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known):
    Goal Body Fat %:

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): Its 14th April 2013 and I have fully completed the 12 week challenge with great success. Last week on 6th April I completed my first half marathon under 2 1/2 hrs and am still over the moon. I have reached my goal weight and feel proud as I look back on what I have achieved in the last 2yrs since I started making changes in my life. I remind myself that I couldn't walk more than 300m without being puffed. Added bonus I now fit into my size 10 shorts that I bought just before Christmas.

    “Before” photo (optional):
  • FitterTerri
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    Name: Terri
    Location: Macksville (near Coffs Harbour)
    Sex: F
    Age: 40
    Height: 158cm
    Starting Weight: 61.9kg
    Starting Date: 16/01/14
    Goal Weight: 53kg

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 28cm
    Chest: 85cm
    Waist: 69cm
    Hips: 105.5cm
    Thigh: 61.5cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): 29.74 (as per spreadsheet)
    Goal Body Fat %: 23

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): Its 14th April 2014 and I have fully completed the 12 week challenge with great success. I have worked out a minimum of 5 days per week and have continued to train for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic. My last volunteer surf life saving patrol is on the 19th April and I feel excited that I can proudly walk around the beach in my togs and not have to wear boardies all day. My body fat is at 23% and I no longer have any wobbly bits. *does celebration jig*

    “Before” photo (optional): I'll put one up in my profile.
  • Cahgetsfit
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    Hi I'm in! I need to update the stats and so on but as i'm on ipad right now it's a pain in the butt, so will do the proper intro post when I manage to get onto computer sometime soon!

    Just quickly though off top of my head:

    Name- Camila
    Place- Sydney
    Age- 37
    Weight- 66.2
    Goal weight- 60 with decent muscles or 58 with less muscle so any fluctuation between 58-60 I'm ok with

    Body fat thingy- no idea. Need to buy scales. According to those weight vs height charts I'm "normal" but that's bulldust.

    I used to be able to eat whatever I liked whenever I liked. Then I got pregnant and put on 12ish kg and had hard time losing any of it. My old weight was the 58-60 range. I managed to getbto 68 then joined MFP and am now on 66.2 (up over xmas from 66 flat)

    Also used to do capoeira which is what kept me strong and fit. Now I have time limitations and child commitments so I have joined gum at work so go 4x week ( i work 4 days only) and do body pump, boxing x2 and circuit classes.

    Will do measurement thingy later but its on my profile.

    Been a little demotivated in the last few days so hope this will help me get back into it with more gusto!
  • Was very tempted to just not join in, but that wouldn't be much help on my journey.

    So here goes:
    Name: Xena
    Location: Brisbane
    Sex: Yes please
    Age: 49
    Height: 164cm
    Starting Weight: 145kg
    Starting Date: 16 January 2014
    Goal Weight: 65kg (in my dreams) but more realistically 80kg. Would love to get under 135kg in this challenge,

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 46.5cm
    Chest: 137cm
    Waist: 127cm
    Hips: 162cm
    Thigh: 80cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): Somewhere between 53% and 73% (according to different calculators)
    Goal Body Fat %: Eventually under 25%

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): It is the 10 April 2014 and today I weigh 135kg. I can see myself in the mirror and can see the difference between my reflection and my "Before" pictures. I am on the path to awesomeness! I'm somebody that my children admire and respect, and look up to.

    “Before” photo (optional): Umm, no. But I do have pics just for me (just not brave enough to share them).

    Name: Nicole
    Sex: Female
    Age: 26
    Height: 160cm (5'3")
    Starting Weight: 93.8kg
    Starting Date: 14/01/13
    Goal Weight: 85kg

    Starting Measurements: (cm)
    Bicep: L : 38 R : 38.5
    Chest: 112
    Waist: 104
    Hips: 119
    Thigh: L : 63 R : 63

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): Unknown
    Goal Body Fat %: unknown
    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): I will become more fit and healthier while improving the way I look and feel about myself.
    “Before” photo (optional): Don't know if this will work, but either way it's in my account pictures
  • UpandRunning2013
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    Name: UpandRunning
    Location: Greece
    Sex: Female
    Age: 38
    Height: 1.65cm
    Starting Weight: 73.6kg
    Starting Date: 16.01.2014
    Goal Weight: 67kg

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: need s.o. to help but will measure asap
    Chest: 96.5cm
    Waist: 79cm
    Belly Button:83cm
    Hips: 96cm
    Thigh: will measure asap

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): dunno!!!
    Goal Body Fat %: just don't want to see it on my tummy anymore

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation):

    I have stopped eating 'diet' food and now eat what the rest of my family eats(pretty clean and healthy) but in sensible portions. This is the way I want to eat for the rest of my life. I am happy with the way I look and no longer feel embarassed by my size and shape. I feel proud at having accomplished somethinng I have struggled with for so long. Regular exercise has improved my quality of life. I use more energy than at the beginning of my journey but this produces even more. I am walk/running outdoors with my dog to compliment my indoor workout routine and this is new and exciting for me.

    “Before” photo (optional):
  • Cahgetsfit
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    Just bought scales with those measurement thingies on it so here goes:

    Bmi - 23.3
    Fat - 28.7
    Muscle - 33.3
    Bone - 3.0

    And yeay! Weight- 65.8!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm in the 65s!!!!!

    Affirmation statement doobie:

    On april 14th I will look in the mirror and feel and look more like my old self. That will make me happy! Even if I dont lose the whole 5 odd kilos, i will still be looking and feeling better and less wobbly and chubby.


    Then i can continue to wear my trashy ho clothes but looking good in them instead of looking like a muffin :)
  • sweetysmum
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    Another one that wasn't going to join because of my size :(

    Name: Megan
    Location: Victoria
    Sex: Female
    Age: 34
    Height: 169cm
    Starting Weight: 116kg around
    Starting Date: 16 January 2014
    Goal Weight: 70kg, I would be happy with 80kg
    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 42cm
    Chest: 116cm
    Waist: 119cm
    Hips: 130cm
    Thigh: 74.5cm

    On April 14th, I will look in the mirror and be happy with myself. Even if I don't lose as much as I would like, I would of given a good go. I will be happy that I have gone out and execised atleast 5 times a week and eaten a healthy diet.
  • sami_83
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    Name: Sam
    Location: Perth
    Sex: F
    Age: 30
    Height: 173cm
    Starting Weight: 96kg
    Starting Date: 17 January 2014
    Goal Weight: 70kg ultimately, but 90kg for this challenge

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 35cm
    Chest: 104cm
    Waist: 84cm
    Hips: 111cm
    Thigh: 73cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): 33.4%, according to my magical scales
    Goal Body Fat %: Under 30%

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation):
    It is the 11th of April and I am stepping on the scale for my weekly weigh in. The scale shows that I am down to 90kg and my body fat percentage is now under 30%. My waist measurement is now 80cm which means I have apparently reduced my risk of chronic disease. Rad!
    I feel a sense of achievement and happy that I have followed through on my commitment. My weight lifting is going well and I am feeling strong and healthy. I am building healthy habits that will let me enjoy my 30s and beyond! Soon I will be able to buy pants! :tongue:

    “Before” photo (optional): haven't got one yet but I really should consider doing this!
  • DonnaW_78
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    Hi All,

    I'm Donna from Sydney and I'm excited to join this group. Here are my current stats:

    Sex: Female
    Age: 35
    Height: 170cm
    Starting Weight: 62.6kg
    Starting Date: 20 January 2014
    Goal Weight: 60.0kg

    Starting Measurements
    Bicep: 28cm
    Chest: 95.5cm
    Waist: 71cm
    Hips: 96cm
    Thigh: 52cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): unknown
    Goal Body Fat %: less than starting date & I will only know this by my refection

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): 12 weeks ago I was 62.6kg, today I am 60.0kg (or under)! I'm fitter, stronger & healthier!

    Let's do this!
  • SerenityNow76
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    Hi everyone!

    Name: Jenny
    Location: Hunter Valley
    Sex: female
    Age: 37
    Height: 160
    Starting Weight: 81.5kg
    Starting Date: 20/01
    Goal Weight: for this challenge 76.5kg. Long term goal weight 60kg

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 32cm
    Chest: 114cm
    Waist: 94cm
    Hips: 114cm (holy oversized hourglass batman!)
    Thigh: 66cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): will enter when I figure it out!
    Goal Body Fat %:

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): During this 12 week challenge am focused on losing body fat, particularly from my belly. I will do this by:
    *eating clean, avoiding processed foods, cutting out sugar and lowering intake of grains and carbs
    * not snacking, leaving 4-5 hours between meals
    * doing at least 30 min of exercise 5 times a week

    I am a night owl and have read that sleep affects weight loss and so I aim to get better quality and quantity of sleep by having a consistent bed and lights out time and turning of computers and phones by 7pm.

    “Before” photo (optional): will post when I have one
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    Hi All

    Name: Maurice
    Location: Sydney
    Sex: Token Male?
    Age: 47
    Height: 165
    Starting Weight: 71
    Starting Date: 20 Jan
    Goal Weight: ~69 (Happy with current weight and more interested in losing fat)

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 36
    Chest: 102
    Waist: 87
    Hips: 92
    Thigh: 49

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): 19%
    Goal Body Fat %: 17-18

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): *looks in the mirror* Only muffin top I see is on the kitchen bench.

    “Before” photo (optional): later
  • _J_en
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    Name: Jen
    Location: Sydney
    Sex: F
    Age: 30
    Height: 158
    Starting Weight: 92 kg
    Starting Date: 20 January 2014
    Goal Weight: 84 kg

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 32 cm
    Chest: 119.5 cm
    Waist: 116 cm
    Hips: 110 cm
    Thigh: 59.5 cm

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): Unknown
    Goal Body Fat %:

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): When I wake up on the 14th of April, I know that my I will spend the rest of my 30s healthy after starting the year losing 8kgs. I would have successfully stuck to my portions and stopped my weekend binge eating.

    and hello everyone - glad to be here, hope to support you all and work towards are goals together!! :flowerforyou: :smile:
  • Tansy98
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    Name: Tansy
    Location: Perth
    Sex: Female
    Age: 44
    Height: 155cm (I'm part-hobbit lol)
    Starting Weight: 84kg
    Starting Date: last year
    Goal Weight: 80kg - anything under this will be a bonus.

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 33cm
    Chest: 116cm
    Waist: 106cm
    Hips: 120cm
    Thigh: 63cm (not sure if I did this one right though)

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): I really don't want to know...
    Goal Body Fat %:

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation):
    It is April 14, 2014. As I stand on the scales, I weigh 80 kg - the lowest I have been in my adult life. I feel fitter, healthier and more confident than I have felt in my entire life. I still have a lot of work to do toning up 20+ years of self-abuse,but I no longer feel it's an impossible task - I may not be there yet, but I am well on the way to being trim, taut and terrific, instead of fat, flabby and mediocre lol.

    “Before” photo (optional): I'd rather wait and post a fabulous after-shot instead someday
  • pamcuster
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    Hello everybody! I'm *very* excited to be a part of this group, even though I'm not an Aussie! I had informally dubbed myself as a "TT&T FoAL" (Friend of Aussie Ladies,) but now I see that we've acquired a couple of men! (Oops!) Can I just be an adopted Aussie?! And, that's my excuse if any of the following measurements look crazy-wrong - I'm used to inches and pounds!

    Name: Pam
    Location: Kentucky, USA
    Sex: F
    Age: 43
    Height: 155cm
    Starting Weight: 52kg
    Starting Date: Jan. 20, 2014
    Goal Weight: under 47.6

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 27.3
    Chest: 87.6
    Waist: 67.3
    Hips: 90.2
    Thigh: 50.8

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): 24.25 (per heybales)
    Goal Body Fat %: 18?

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): It is April 14, 2014, and I finally weigh less than 47.6 (105 lbs.) I am not embarrassed by any part of my body (even when nekkid,) because I have conquered my 'problem' areas - my tummy is *practically* flat, my triceps are not flabby, and my rear is firm and lifted! It is supremely gratifying to know that I gave my absolute best effort on every day of this 12-week challenge (even showing restraint in my dietary 'cheat' choices.) I am concerned enough about myself (and hubby's opinion) to maintain my weight and continually seek to improve my fitness through a healthy diet and progressive exercise program. And last, but not least, I am profoundly grateful to Skim for leading me in the pursuit of this success! :heart:

    “Before” photo (optional): My profile picture was made 13 months ago, but I weighed within a pound of what I do there's my *before* !
  • HappyTravels
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    Name: HappyTravels
    Location: Newcastle
    Sex: F
    Age: 41
    Height: 160
    Starting Weight: 108
    Starting Date: 20.01.14
    Goal Weight: 52

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 39
    Chest: 125
    Waist: 108
    Hips: 144
    Thigh: 74

    Starting Body Fat % (if known):
    Goal Body Fat %:

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): It is 14th April, as I look down at the scales, I have through exercise and healthy eating choices, lost 10kgs. My fitness has increased as a direct result of daily walking, cardio and strength training training 3 times a week. I feel fantastic and am enjoying being more active in daily life and increasing my knowledge about diet and exercise. I feel energised and look forward to continue losing weight and gaining fitness.

    “Before” photo (optional):

    Looking forward to being part of TTTA group learning more about health and fitness and supporting each other.
  • bird_3_lee
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    I'm glad to be starting this 12 week challenge tomorrow. I've thought long & hard about my goal to look forward to. I am already looking foward to the end results.

    Name: Ricki-lee (bird_3_lee)
    Location: Taree N.S.W (AUS)
    Sex: F
    Age: 28
    Starting Weight: 79kg
    Starting Date: 20/1/14
    Goal Weight: 73kg

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 31.5
    Chest: 101
    Waist: 87
    Hips: 101
    Thigh: 62

    Starting Body Fat % 26.6 (according to internet calculater)
    Goal Body Fat %: 22
    BMI :26
    Goal BMI: 22

    It is now April 2014. I have reduced the amount of medication I take to control my blood pressure, because my health & fitness have improved. I have made it to my first goal weight of 75kg and reassesed my next goal weight. I have dropped a dress size, & am feeling happier with my body image.I am now able to run a full 5k, which I do 3 times a week. I now exercise at least 7 hours a week & am maintaining a 11,000 step a day (or greater) average.
    As for a before photo I will get someone to take one of me this week and make it my profile pic
    Good luck everyone,
    Thankyou skim for getting this challenge up and running
  • jackielou867
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    Name: Jackie
    Location: Near Sydney, Australia
    Sex: Female
    Age: 47
    Height: 172cm
    Starting Weight: 61kg
    Starting Date: 20/1/14 Ok I may have cheated a bit and started on Thursday!
    Goal Weight: 63kg OMG it sounds scary to say out loud but I am actually gonna try for a bulk!

    Starting Measurements:
    Bicep: 26
    Waist: 77
    Hips: 92
    Thigh: 46

    Starting Body Fat 25%
    Goal Body Fat %: will raise no more than 2% I hope
    Personal goal 12 weeks of building muscle. then 12 weeks to get body fat back down, hopefully to 22%

    “Before” photo (optional): No Idea how to link but my real before pic is on profile. Eww. And one from 3 months ago, I will add a more recent one soon.
  • EGirl7
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    Name: Emma
    Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Sex: Female
    Age: 37
    Height: 162 cm
    Starting Weight: 61 kg
    Starting Date: 20/1/2014
    Goal Weight: 55

    Starting Measurements: I'll come back to this tomorrow.

    Starting Body Fat % (if known): Will try and work this out too.
    Goal Body Fat %:

    Personal goal (written as an affirmation): It is April 14 2014. I am happy.

    “Before” photo (optional): I'll add this later, I think.

    I had lost 25 kilos and then I had to leave my work because I was being bullied and since then, I've been unemployed (not for want of trying) and a whole lot of emotional eating has taken place and my depression and anxiety haven't been too great. I'm also diabetic - Type 1 (which makes things a whole lot more complicated when it comes to weight loss...very annoying). Right now, I'm not doing too well, but I realised that my 20 year school reunion is in a couple of months and even though I'm pretty sure I am in better shape now than I was at school (which I guess is something), I want to be like all the people who do weights and are strong and getting lean. I'm not really sure how to do that, so I'd really love any suggestions. Bearing in mind I have kettlebells, medicine ball, a few different weights of dumbbells...I think that's all. Oh, I have resistance bands and Swiss ball somewhere. I also go to a very cheap gym and have a pass to a leisure centre for about another month or so, so I've been swimming.

    Anyway, I'll come back later and put in the other stuff.
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