Week 3 Jan 15- 21

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I am repeating week 2 this week because I didn't do very well (exercise 3 days, water 5 days, veggies 4 or 5 days, steps 3 days). If you are already working above the goals I have posted feel free to reply with goals for yourself this week and let us all know how you do!

Water - try to drink at least 56 oz of water a day (7, 8 oz glasses). Or add 1 glass of water to your current amount

10 minutes of intentional exercise everyday. Or add 10 minutes to your current amount

3 servings of veggies every day. This week try to broaden your variety, if you are like me and have had mostly starchy veggies add in some other veggies like dark green leafy ones. Or if you eat the same veggies everyday, maybe try something new.

Fitbit/pedometer users - 3,500 steps a day or add 500 steps a day to your current amount


  • Le_Joy
    Le_Joy Posts: 593 Member
    Got all my steps done while running errands today. I parked far away from the stores so I did stretching for my 10 minutes exercise. I need to stretch more!!!