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I got up at 5am to take a spin class this morning. :drinker: I dreaded getting up but I'm glad I did. My workout for the day is done and after work I can kick back and relax. Did you work out today?


  • MrsPull
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    Good for you! I can barely get up at 5am to get ready for work! LOL I'm going to the gym on my lunch break to get it in!
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    HI Ladies! I have a 1 yr old and it seems time just slips out of my hands. I am going to start getting up early and exercise with a friend so I can burn the calories!
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    Hey ladies!!

    My dog wakes me up at 7:15am and I dread that.... I worked out yesterday (first day back in the gym in a year). Did 60 minutes of cardio. The routine I've set for myself is Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday in the gym as I have also signed up for kickboxing through a Groupon offer. Haven't started those classes yet.
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    I am renewing my membership on Fri. I will be doing 60 min of lap swin and 60 min of water aerobics Tues, Thurs and Fri. Mon, Wed and Sat will be doing 60 min of ( combined) stairs, walking, squats, jump rope, calf raises and burpees. I hope to see good results with this schedule!!!!!! SUNDAY= RECOVER!!!!!!!
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    Mrs. Pull The funny thing is on my regular days where I'm just getting up for work it's hard to get up at 7am. What'd you do at the gym?

    Do that Ladytiffy, it really helps! I have a 5 year old girl and a 15 year old boy.

    Mzro, I just came back after a 5 month hiatus too. Gained 14 lbs in those short months :mad: But I'm back now trying to get it right. I keep yoyoing every year. I keep saying I'm gonna stay on track and workout and I just don't. I've gotta change that! I bought a groupon to take classes at Club Fitness last summer and loved it. They had Kickboxing, HIIT classes, Zumba, Body Pump and all sorts of classes. I have a membership at Cardio express and all of the group classes are 30 minutes and are when I work and late in the evening. They don't work too well for me.

    Danielle whoa that sounds intense. That's fantastic! You should definitely see some great results. I wish I could swim. I mean I can float and probably save myself from drowning but I'm not a good swimmer. I keep thinking about taking lessons at the YMCA but haven't yet. Will you go walking or running until you renew your membership? It's freezing where I am in CT so I wouldn't but if it's warm where you are it's an idea, just to get things started.
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    I made myself do a 20ish minute workout last night. I'm doing JM Body Revolution so, I need to get 4 of those workouts in by Saturday... I'll have to add some more cardio so that I make it to 300 mins this week.
  • After being sick for 4 weeks I was so happy to do my hour walk today! Feels good to be back :D I'll never take healthy days for granted again.
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    That's right plan it out All4Tris, you got this!

    Glad you're feeling better Asian :flowerforyou: