Has anyone seen a movie called A Serbian Film

BrendarB Posts: 2,770 Member
A friend and I were talking about this - and I guess it's really hard to get a hold of - anyone seen it?


  • Lysander666
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    Seen the uncut version. Still have it, actually.

    It's OK. Can't remember much about it, to be honest. Incest-paedophilia-gore stuff for shock value.

    I didn't find it very moving. August Underground was a much harder watch for me.
  • jlwbeans0823
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    I love horror films, but A Serbian Film is something different. I wouldn't recommend it. If you're really interested in knowing more about the film go to Amazon and read the reviews or check out the wiki page. There are some things that shouldn't be committed to film.
  • amitglinkedin
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    I have seen it, again a very different movie. Not so interesting..2 stars.
  • TamAD48
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    I have been curious about this film. So many people on the horror fan pages that I like on facebook are always commenting about this movie. Most just call it one of the most disturbing films ever made.
  • ShyPar
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    I started to watch it but stopped, I just couldn't get into it. I watched it online and might still have the link if you want it.
  • BrendarB
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    Please - if you would e-mail the link - I'm more curious than anything at this point
  • I have heard about it and believe it to be quite brutal. I prefer my horror to frighten me through it's story rather than tying to shock me.