Dr appt tomorrow

So my Dr appointment is tomorrow.. I am looking forward to sharing with her my lower blood sugar numbers and can say that Victoza is working for me.. My meter reads low 120s for the last 3 weeks now. Yay! So much better then in the 300s.

OK so yes I am thrilled about that and bonus of weight loss and inches too. I have been working on exercise gradually adding more and maintaining what the Dr said .. of 30 carbs per meal.. and 15 carbs for snack.. trying real hard to get to that 1200 .. Even went over on some carbs to get in that range.. Btw I am allergic to sugar substitute, I think it would be easier to get in calories if I wasn't.

The problem is now.. Should I be concerned how much I am excising making that calorie deficit even more? When i see post after post of how bad it is to just be at 1200. Feeling like I am shamed for following my Drs orders. (LOL , Ok I am not that thin skinned), but does make me worry a bit they could be right. What should I be asking my Dr? To raise me carbs intake? Or just not worry about it. Just wondering your thoughts. Thanks..


  • It's great that you've made so many healthy changes! Talk with your doctor about your current eating habits including calorie and carbohydrate intake, and get her feedback on what she feels is best for you. Also talk with her about your exercise, both the type of exercise and the amount of time you're spending exercising. There's no one right way to eat and exercise that works for everyone, and working with your doctor to figure out the best plan for you makes a lot of sense. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with the progress you're making. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    First, congratulations on making changes and the success you've achieved. That's both wonderful, and commendable to be sure!
    You have so much to be proud of!, and discussing your concerns with your Doctor tomorrow is important.

    Unfortunately, It takes time to figure out the best approach when it comes to what works towards our nutritional and diabetes management goals. One size doesn't fit all. There are so many different variables involved. Each of us is unique. It's important to try and remember to not compare ourselves to others whether diabetic or not whenever possible.

    "Shame destroys our ability to distinguish between a value statement and an observation." ~Life Tree Cafe
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    Everyone's different ....I see those 1200 responses but I have to do what works for me. I eat 1250 and try to keep carbs at 141 for the day. I have MFP set to sedentary and set to no exercise. I walk daily, 3-5 miles and I generally don't eat back my "burn" calories, perhaps 100-150 of them.

    I'm no longer on any meds, metformin (my MD says I am not diabetic now), or the 2 meds for high blood pressure or the 2 for cholesterol. I've been here over 620 straight days.
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    Thank you both for your quick responses and your kind wise words.. I feel a better hearing you both say what works for one doesn't work for all. Looking forward to the future of being healthy and as helpful to others as you have been for me..
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    Oh my goodness that is wonderful that you are no longer on meds!! You are an inspiration for sure. Congrats to you for all your hard work and dedication to your health and well being .> I so want that! Its good to hear from others with the same issues and its manageable. Thank you for sharing a snip it of your journey with me.. It does help.
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    Update.. So please to say my A1C is down to 6.9 from 9.8 and in only 2 months. Yay.. She encouraged me to keep eating to the prescribed 30 carb meals and 15 carb snack.. With some room to add a bit once in awhile .. more so if its healthy like fruits and veggies. ;) And not to worry about exercise deficit unless I become weak or losing too much at once. Thank you again for your support, It really helped make me feel better.
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    Great news on your a1c result. Fantastic!!!! Mine @diagnosis (4/12) was 6.9% and my last reading (12/13) was 5.7% (3 months before it as 5.6%, sigh). I go again in June.

    There is hope, keep plugging away :) Once the pounds start dropping, hopefully everything else will fall into place.
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    :flowerforyou: Good work
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    Congratulations on making so many changes and improving your A1C!

    1200 calories as the low limit is somewhat of an arbitrary number. I've talked to my doctor about it several times. Of of the things to be conscious of is that the more you have to lose, the larger your calorie deficit can be. Also, many people are always hungry on 1200 calories or don't feel like they have enough energy. The other thing that happens is that at 1200 calories people feel too restricted on what they can eat, which can lead to binging later. However if you are not hungry, have normal amounts of energy and do not feel too deprived at 1200 calories, then you are one of the ones for whom it can work.

    The one thing to be careful about eating back your exercise calories is that you have to have an accurate idea of what they actually are. For example MFP says I burn over 600 calories on my morning bike ride, however my heart rate monitor is usually in the 350 to 400 range. If I took the MFP calories and then ate them all, I would actually be reducing my deficit and wouldn't lose at the rate I expected. Most days I do not eat any of my exercise calories back. They give me the freedom to have a treat any day I want without feeling like I'm cheating, however most days I choose not too.

    As others have said this is a journey, and what works for one person does not necessarily work for everyone. You need to figure out what is most effective for you, and what you can sustain in the long run. Just take it one day at a time.
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    Congratulations on your A1c improvement. Very impressive and hopefully you'll see even more positive results as you continue on!
  • Congratulations morningstar! I know you've been working hard to change your food choices and increase exercise, and it's exciting to see the great results you're achieving. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Thank you! ;)
    Such a nice group!