Major victory for me!

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I had my labs done this morning for the first time since starting on this journey in December. I don't see my doc until tomorrow but I just had to share these with people who will understand what went into this....

12/2013 A1C 8.6 fasting BG 191

3/6/2014 A1C 5.7 fasting BG 108

Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Trigy etc are all normal. I am doing a <happy dance> over here! Now I just have to keep it up and maintain this, which I know will be a lifelong battle, but it certainly feels great to know what I'm doing is working.


  • scubasuenc
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    We must be on about the same schedule. Just had my labs done this morning too. Waiting to see what my A1C comes back as....
  • cathylopez1975
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    WOW! Your a1c dropped really fast! It took me a year and a couple of months to get mine below 6.0 (5.9). You are doing a SUPER job! Way to go!

    By the way, are you doing this by diet alone, or have you been exercising/working out too?
  • SharonNehring
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    Metformin, diet and 45-60 min of exercise, 5-6 days a week. (stationary bike and things like sit ups, squats, leg lifts etc) I only added the extra stuff, besides the bike, in the last couple of weeks. I realized that I needed to start thinking about toning muscles, or at least finding my muscles. LOL

    scubasue - I'll check back later to see your results. I hope they are really good. :)
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    Congratulations. I just got my numbers yesterday when I saw the doctor. Also the first set after diagnosis. And I didn't get quite as good results as you. Perhaps because I haven't yet added the frequent exercise. [Though I'm packing for a move, so it's a lot of lifting and carrying - good strength building if you do it right. But I've only had one cardio session a week - my weekly belly dance class.] Note to self: time to increase cardio workouts.
  • SharonNehring
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    theocine- Moving is A LOT of work and belly dancing seems really fun. We are frequent Renaissance Fair goers and I love watching the belly dancers. Their costumes are just gorgeous.

    I truly was astounded by the results. I was hoping for under 7 at least. I'm not sure what part is making the most difference, so I guess I have to keep doing everything I've been doing. :smile: Although, we are going out to dinner tonight and I may allow myself a tiny treat.
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    Excellent results so congratulations! It feels so good when you know you've taken control of things and it gives you that boost to keep working on it!
  • Congratulations! I really like the way you're putting several different strategies into place, and looking at these changes as not a quick fix but rather as lifelong habits. Not only are you improving diabetes management, but you're also improving your overall health and fitness. Keep up the great work! ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    A Very commendable lab result, in such a short period of time, along with your hard work and efforts too.
    Not an easy task.

    Wishing you continued success and positive results.

    Congratulations! :drinker:
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    Congratulations & good work!
  • SharonNehring
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    Thanks for the support everyone! I really appreciate it. And retiree, I think you are right. I felt out of control when this all started and now it feels like I am doing this, controlling this, not just my body has turned on me and is not doing what it should.
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    That is great news!
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    OMG Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you feel fantastic about this news.. You are doing things right for you and your body! WTG!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your success with helps to see that somebody else is making it work!:flowerforyou:
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    Simply wonderful. :)
  • Congratulations!

    This makes me feel a lot more positive about being able to make a change. I am recently diagnosed and am just getting out if an initial "my life is over and this will never get better" phase. I know it sounds kind of melodramatic, but that was how I felt at first.

    Your post actually makes me look forward to seeing what my next text results are. I get tested again in April.

    I will admit I am not putting enough into the exercise part. I need to work on that!
  • SharonNehring
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    Renna- I had similar feelings when I first found out. I actually have not shared with my family yet (They live 750 miles away so I only see them a couple times a year.) but I felt almost embarrassed about it, that it was my own fault for not losing weight sooner, not exercising, basically beating myself up over it. When I saw them at Christmas, I had only been diagnosed for a couple of weeks and just didn't have a handle on it yet.

    But after some soul searching and researching, I decided I am not to blame but that I can do something to help myself. And here I am. I saw my doc yesterday and she was astonished at the improvements. She's actually planning to present my case to her residents, as an example of what they can do with a motivated patient. I told her all about MFP too and she's going to start telling her patients about it. :)
  • It's easy to blame yourself for the diagnosis of diabetes, and I really like the way you've moved forward and are working on managing diabetes. I read a wonderful quote today that speaks to this: The past is behind, we learn from it. The future is ahead, we prepare for it. The present is here, we live it. ~Lynn /Glucerna
  • SharonNehring
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    I love this quote! I just copied it to my profile page. :happy: Thanks for sharing!
  • I'm glad you like the quote as much as I do! ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Congratulations! I was diagnosed in Dec also and have labs scheduled for the end of this month (march). I hope I do as well as you. I need to add more exercise.