overpronation in the feet

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience or thoughts on shoes for someone who pronates. I currently lift in vibrams because that is all I have, but I know I need something to help keep my arches from collapsing, but to also not be counterproductive with my lifts like running shoes would be with the cushions. Any thoughts?


  • lindsayvernon
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    I would go and speak to a podiatrist if you are over pronating. They will say you need orthodics (insoles), they always do...and they will try and push their expensive ones. But you can ask for their advice on what areas of your feet need more support (your arches, heel lifts, etc.) and you can purchase supports at the pharmacy to start. You could also speak to a physiotherapist and possibly get your gait analysed, because if you're aware of how you walk you can start to make corrections without having to spend money on fancy shoes and inserts.
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    In for the answers.

    Agree with Lindsay: get good advice, preferably from a physiotherapist or even a rehab doctor or orthopedic surgeon. I have extremely flat feet, so know what you're talking about!

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    Check into custom orthodics for shoes when I had problems with feet this is what MD had me do and it worked wonders and insurance payed for they too bonus. Take care of feet it compounds upward easly. I also was informed that with my activity level I need to replace my shoes about every 4 months or could easly end up on same boat again. This was 10 years and lots of showes ago So the advice must be somewhat true that the shoes brea down faster than I thoght.