So this community doesn't have too many people...

Hello! My name is Melissa and I'm 21 years young.

I made the switch from cooked vegan/sometimes carnivore, to fully LFRV Fruitarian. I come from an eating disordered past and a lifelong interest in health, so I'm sticking to this new lifestyle because for the first time since my ED, I'm able to eat without extreme anxiety and restriction, or excessive exercise. I am new to all of this so I hope I can make some friends here that can help inspire me to stay on this path and find common interests.

What first made you go raw vegan? (specifically lfrv) I'm curious how you guys first started out! Please tell me a little about your journey and why you came to find this lifestyle appealing!


  • HeatherCarrRMT
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    Hello Melissa! I added you already, I'm looking for more vegan friends too! That is soooo amazing and wonderful that you have healed yourself with veganism, specifically 80/10/10! I actually posted a MFP blog about Freelee's recovery story today.

    I have been following 80/10/10 for 3 months now and I love it! I have never felt better in my life. I was a strict vegetarian before going 811... but ate a lot of cheese (dairy in general) and occasionally eggs. I have lost 20 lbs since going vegan and I barely workout. I decided to go vegan because I was ignoring the horror I knew was happening in the dairy industry, and my heart just breaks for those poor animals. I also felt miserable, lethargic, couldn't loose weight for the life of me.... constant battle to keep from gaining and it was just too hard. There are sooo many good reasons to go vegan, but one of the most important for me is general health and longevity. Vegans are some of the healthiest and strongest people I've ever seen. They are inspiring!

    Now I eat mostly fruit, and a low fat high carb cooked meal for dinner. Sometimes I'll eat raw all day, and I do feel better that way. But rice is sooo much cheaper than fruits and veggies, so I have to compromise.... and I just love rice and beans and corn and potatoes... LOL! I now have tons of energy and peacefulness as well.... I just need to make sure I'm not under-carbed before going into a full day of massage work!!! :)
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    Hi! I'm very high raw low fat vegan- I pretty much follow 80/10/10 but once in a while I will have things like quinoa, rice and gluten free pasta. I do this in the winter to keep me from having really bad food cravings when the fruit may not be as good and resort to binging. I've started updating my diary again. Also you can follow me on my blog
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    Sending FR's to all of you! Been steadily transitioning to this lifestyle over the past few months and I absolutely love it!!
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    Why did I become vegetarian? I read Skinny ***** - thinking it was a diet book I could browse through while I started yet another weight loss regime.
    Why did I become vagan? I read Eating Animals - that took care of all my left over dairy, fish and cheese needs.
    How did I lose the weight and keep it off? I read Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and have been doing it almost a year now. Brilliant health and weight loss results. This is definitely another WOE that I will commit to.
    Where am I now? About to move to the next level with the 80/10/10 approach that I am sure will be a very powerful tool as I move along my health path.