Want to Eat Clean...Not Sure If I can though...



  • montana_girl
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    I just shoot for 70 to 80% of clean eating. This is doable for me and still puts me miles ahead of how I used to eat.

    When I started, I read several books (Cleaning Eating for Dummies and The Smarter Science of Slim) and that gave me a lot of ideas on what and how to eat clean, and what works for me and my lifestyle.

    There are lots of ways and variations on eating clean, so find what works for you. Good luck! :flowerforyou:
  • siouxsie3278
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    I just started eating clean about a week ago. Right now, I'm only eating about 60%clean. I don't want to change all habits at once and see it as a "diet..." this is my life change and I need to learn as I change. Every day I try a new recipe and always make enough for lunch the next day. Take it slow, if you need to. One clean meal a day is better than none!
  • fisherlassie
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    I agree about taking it slow changing one habit at a time except for with sugar and flour. For me I would rather suffer the withdrawal and then feel more in control. If i eat even a little of that stuff I am thinking about it all the time and I then start to lose confidence in my ability to choose healthier food. Everyone is different but i am a sugar addict and it doesn't work to cut down. After a while, quite a while of abstenance I can go to a birthday party and have a little cake and get back on track without as much suffering but not at the beginning. You have to choose the path that is right for you.
  • I struggled with weightloss too until I found eating clean was the way. Starting slowly is definately the way to go, you're all right.
    I found it easier to use a chart of foods that I was allowed to eat and pinned it on my kitchen cupboard. I then experimented from there with the recipes I could make, and Google is always a great helper with new meals.

    I recently have taken that step extra to become cleaner and turned to Alkaline foods. As my husband has been diagnosed with cancer this was the best way to assist in his progress (he is doing good with it btw)

    I have also started a new cleanse just 16 days ago that rids of all toxins within the body and assists with weightless. My results were amazing, 15 days down and 4.9kilos gone. And I was always and still am active and was also eating clean beforehand, but since doing my cleanse I am ridding more weight/cm's from my body then ever before.

    Yep it's hard, you just go at the pace you feel comfortable. But some serious advice....Clean your fridge and cupboards that is not on your clean eating list, if it's not there you can't have it. Simple!