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Chris Lindsay's Log "In Pursuit of 900"



  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    TUESDAY - Competition Preparation - Bench Press

    Bench Press
    WU: 45, 65, 95, 115, 140

    Planned Opener - all was with pause at bottom for press command
    165x3 (third rep was a little challenging)

    Accessories - 90%
    Incline DB Bench Press
    Spoon Press
    Push Ups
    Dips (with Weighted Vest)

    Bodyweight: 123.4
  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    THURSDAY - Competition Preparation - Squat

    WU: 65, 95, 145, 195, 225

    Planned Opener

    Accessories - 90%
    Dumbbell Step Ups
    Good Mornings
    Glute Ham Raises

    Bodyweight: 122.8
  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    SUNDAY - Competition Preparation - Deload

    Deadlift: 250x4 x4 sets
    Squat: 165x4 x4 sets
    Bench Press: 120x4 x4 sets (with pause at bottom)

    Bodyweight Assistance Work (1-2 reps shy of failure)
    Pull-Ups, 15, 10, 8
    Dips, 20, 15, 10
    Push-Ups Tabata, 10, 10, 10
    Ab Work

    I’m feeling pretty ready. I would fell totally ready if this pesky finger injury would just heal up. It sort of affects my grip on deads, but no excuses. I just have to pull heavy *kitten* weight three times.

    6 days until meet (March 15 - Flat Rock, MI)

    Bodyweight: 122.4 … I’m glad that I’m at my competition weight. That means I can eat normally, with an emphasis on protein. And with just the water drop the day before, I anticipate my weigh-in will be somewhere around 120 pounds.


    If anyone is interested, here are some micro-tasks related to preparing for the meet that I do as well. It probably doesn’t/won’t have any impact on anything, just a preference thing really.

    Last Friday: Stopped Taking Creatine - this should help me drop a bit of water weight. I’ll start taking it again after weigh-in on Friday.

    Sunday: Deload Day

    Monday: Increase water consumption by about 25%, add BCAAs (10-15g); Massage/Mobility/Stretching appointment (60 minutes)

    Tuesday: Increase water consumption another 25%, add BCAAs (15-20g)

    Wednesday: Increase water consumption another 25%, add BCAAs (20-25g)

    Thursday: Cut off water consumption at 1:00pm (3-4 ozs with dinner in evening), limit sodium intake during this time as well

    Friday: Weigh-In at 10pm; Water back in, big *kitten* breakfast, big *kitten* lunch, big *kitten* dinner

    Saturday: Decent Breakfast, Meet, Beer-fueled big *kitten* dinner after the Meet

    In all honesty, it’s not the type of thing that I would tell other people to do, but it worked well for me last time, so I figure I would do it again
  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    2014 UPA State Championship in Michigan

    Squat: 300
    Bench: 180
    Deadlift: 400

    123 weight class
  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    Post-Competition Recovery (aka “Organized Randomness)

    Light Workout

    Squats - 190x3 x3 sets; 180x4 x3 sets
    Bench - 120x3 x3 sets; 115x4 x3 sets
    Deadlifts - 225x4 x3 sets; 200x3 x3 sets

    OH Press
    Plate Raise
    Back Extension Machine

    Going to get back in the gym on Sunday and rev things back up with Deadlifts for Reps. Going to take it up a notch as well. Stay tuned….