Eating to my meter

Have just started testing one and two hours after meals. Am slightly confused that one hour after a 27 carb lunch BS was 6.2 but after 2 hours was 7.2. In between the one and two hour test I had a slice of cold turkey. No carbs? So how did it go up?!


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    Food is not the only reason your blood sugar can go up. For example when I exercise my blood sugar goes up while I'm exercising and is higher for a short period afterwards. Then it will fall, and if I'm not careful it can become too low

    Something as simple as walking across the street and up several flights of stairs can raise my sugar temporarily.

    Did you do any physical activity between your 1hr and 2hr measurements.
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    There could be many reasons for this. As everyone is different and the type of carbs and how they affect you can also be different. What made up the carbs in your meal? If they were slow releasing/digesting the BG rise may show later. Also protein does affect BG but not as strongly as carbs, so may have been the turkey gave the BG an extra 'kick'. Fat unlike protein shouldn't affect BG.

    It may also be just 'one of those things' perhaps try testing the same meal on another day and see what happens.
  • Depending on what you ate in the first meal, different foods are digested over different periods of time. It might have been that when you tested after 1 hour, foods were still being digested and blood sugar was continuing to rise. Did your doctor recommend testing 1 and 2 hours after meals? Typically they recommend testing either 1 hour after a meal or 2 hours after a meal, but not both. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Only just realised I have to go look for responses so thank you those that did.
    My doctor has never recommended testing after meals. I must admit to little confidence in doctors.
    I have always researched and experimented and now at last feel that with MFP to track and the LCHF approach I have something sustainable.
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    I am super anal about checking my blood sugar. I test 7-8 times a day so I know exactly what affects my blood sugar and how. Every one else had a great ideas why it would rise. Slow digesting carbs can make it rise slower. Also, the live releases glucose which is why my fasting in the morning is higher than when I go to bed : ( Are you on metformin? It has definitely helped me get my fasting to around 100 in the past two months since diagnosis (and losing 30 pounds).

    Exercise definitely lowers mine 50-60 points within 10 minutes (I check!).
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    Stress makes mine go up. I would check my bs at home, then check it after I had driven to work in heavy traffic. It'd go up by as much as 50 points, without eating a thing.