Introduce Your Vibrant Self!

Let's get to know each other. Post as much or as little as you'd like. If you would like please tell us a little about how you came to a vegan or raw diet.

If you have a personal blog, youtube channel or facebook page where you share health and wellness feel free to post it along with your intro :)

Success stories are greatly welcomed! It will motivate others and get us excited about getting healthy and happy.


  • moonbaby12
    moonbaby12 Posts: 89 Member
    This is me! Vegan, not raw-- but I eat a lot of raw foods. I am a therapist/ yoga teacher, passionate about healing through nutrition and spiritual practice.
  • penutbuttercups01
    I am new to veganism, just started last sunday and can say i have been successful to miantain it for over a week now.
    Throughly enjoying the lifestyle and the way it makes me feel, so hoping to stay and keep on track for ever.
    I do have a health and fitness blog, & instgram where I post recipes and share stories restaurant reviews and so forth

    insta: skinnygrlfitgrl

    I look forward to meeting everyone , and to staying vegan !!!
  • bakingforlife
    bakingforlife Posts: 132 Member
    Im new to. Living vegan. And so far its been pretty easy ,but i know theres so much to learn .finding where you can go to.get items like shampoo. Conditioner have been a challeng .i live in the hills so.doing alot of online. Purchasing ..looking forward to the comeing. Reads
  • BigVeggieDream
    BigVeggieDream Posts: 1,101 Member
    Hi everybody!

    A little about myself, hmmm. Well I came across a raw food video on youtube and then found some more videos and then some websites. The thing that really caught my attention was some info about diabetes, which I have type II. Anyways it said that if you cut your fat below 10% or even better to almost 0%, I could eat as much fruit as I wanted and I love me some fruit. The site says that fat reduces the effectiveness of glucose which is exactly what diabetes type II is. Well, fruit is a strong no-no in the diabetic community. I decided to try out what the raw foodists were saying. I was scared but excited. So 25 days ago I took the plunge and something amazing happened. My Blood Glucose Level (BGL) dropped and not just into the safe region, but down to what your average, very healthy person has. And it stayed there. Now, I'm not completely raw food, I'm transitioning, but I hope to be there soon. Another benefit is I can put vegetables, which are not my favorite food (They look good, but I don't like the taste), into the smoothies and I all I taste is the fruit. A third benefit is my ex is vegan and my 2 boys have been vegan since birth and now I can join them in that lifestyle.
  • 143tobe
    143tobe Posts: 620 Member
    Hi guys! I'm lisa. That girl in the picture is not how I look now, but who I want to be again. Not skinny, but vibrant and happy. I was a vegetarian from age 12 to somewhere in my early twenties, but didn't eat a very healthy diet and have been overweight almost my entire life. The only time I was truly fit was one glorious summer that I quit my job to work next to a national park. I hiked almost daily, and on the days I didn't hike, I jogged or biked. I ate oatmeal for breakfast daily, ate tons of organic fruit (mostly apples), didn't eat any breads or white sugars, but I cannot for the life of me remember if I ate poultry or not. (During my non-vegetarian years, poultry was the only meat I would eat, with the exception of the very occasional fish.) That was 12 years ago. I weighed 137 and for the first time in my life did not 'feel' fat. Anyways, rambling. Just wanted to give a backstory as to my past eating habits. How I came to be here today, and joining this group. I am really considering trying out this 80/10/10 lifestyle, so basically I am here for information. I know that I should get the book, but how many books, or videos have I bought but never read, or did, and at what cost. I'm not saying that the book will not eventually be worth buying, but unfortunately we currently live on one income and well, let's just say money right now, is very tight. I have not read through the message board yet, but just thought I'd stop in and introduce myself. I would like to transition into this 80/10/10 diet within the next weeks, with perhaps April 1st being my first official all 80/10/10 day. My goal is to give this diet a two month try so I can evaluate at that time, if this diet lifestyle is for me, or not. Hope I lose weight!! ***wanted to add*** - 12 years ago I did a 10 day, 300 calorie per day juice fast, and it resulted in my feeling better than I had in my whole life. A few months ago, I did a 10 day non calorie restricted juice fast, and though it did not take me to a euphoric and totally clear feeling the first fast had done for me, it did give me tons of energy, and a very positive outlook. I am thinking/hoping that the 80/10/10 diet will also clear up the fogginess that is my daily life.
  • perrinjoshua
    perrinjoshua Posts: 286 Member
    Hello everyone - so happy to now be part of this group. I am a vegan of about 4 years and was a vegetarian for about 6 years before that. I really can't remember exactly but I know it has been at least that long. I have been on MFP for exactly one year today, I believe and have lost all my weight following the 5:2 WOE. I love it and will probably continue that for the rest of my life. My new goal though is to eventually become totally raw. I am trying to change my eating to the 80/10/10 method and am having some ups and downs but overall a good experience. I have been at it about three weeks now I would say. I still eat cooked meals but am definitely raw til 4 during the week, anyway. I am looking forward to learning from all of you as we move towards ever greater health. Thanks for creating this group, danikanoodles.
  • stardust73
    stardust73 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi, I'm a 41-year-old stay-at-home mom to two kids...I've recently (past year or so) tried to follow several ways of eating, including Paleo, Bulletproof, and Atkins. No success with losing weight on any of fact, I have GAINED weight and generally feel bloated, tired, and non-energetic. Heard about 80/10/10, read the book, read a bunch of websites, and ready to give this lifestyle a go! Any and all support appreciated! :):):)
  • Sunka1
    Sunka1 Posts: 217 Member
    I hope this group gets revived a bit. I am very new to 80/10/10 and having the expected challenges. Can't get enough calories because I am soooo full. All I can do is keep adjusting and maybe my stomach will get used to it. I fell so good otherwise that I want to find a way to make it work. Guess I'll check YouTube for now. But any suggestions are welcome.
  • Aoife740
    Aoife740 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I'm new to the high carb raw vegan lifestyle which I discoverd from freelee the banana girl on youtube. I wanted to go vegan for a while but wanted to research the best way to do it and found her videos. I love eating raw because I eat as much as I want guilt free. I use to be a compulsive binge eater and hated eating in front of people for fear of being judged, now I eat openly and honestly for I am so proud of the way I nurture my body. My name is Aoife I'm 5' 6 and 112 pounds. I do need to gain muscle lose fat and in general tone up as I will admit I have had a few slip ups along the way but everday gets easier and I feel ully ready to commit to the vegan lifestyle
  • fratcliffe
    fratcliffe Posts: 4 Member
    Hi everyone! Let's kickstart this group back to life shall we?? :smiley:

    I'm Flick, I've been an ethical vegan since July last year and in the past fortnight I've been reading up on raw nutrition and I'm pretty sure that I've decided I want to be 90% raw now, as a life choice. Having read all the science, I'm confident that raw truly is the best possible diet a person can eat.

    The other 10% so far had just been things like coffee and plant milk to go in my coffee.

    I've started growing my own sprouted seeds and pulses too, does anyone else do this?

    To be clear, I'm not doing this particularly for weight loss, I just want to be the best me I can be.

    I also use fitbit, feel free to add me if you also do: