Looking for Keto Pals

dsb188 Posts: 121 Member

I'm a guy looking for Keto friends. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and I'm seeing good progress. I have 55 more pounds to go. I'm down 45. Just looking for encouragement and I will do the same!!


  • cehouchens84
    I'm in the same boat, but my journey is just starting!!! Kuddos on your loss!
  • eatspopcorn
    eatspopcorn Posts: 63 Member
    Me too! I'm down 21 but a loooooooooooong way to go still (about 80lbs +/-)

    Sending a friend request. Can always use more keto/lchf friends, anyone can add me!
  • southernchiclet
    southernchiclet Posts: 7 Member
    I'm with ya. Sending a friend request. Wow, good loss!
  • ThreeMonthsTo150
    You can add me I have no one on my friend list.
    Been doing Keto for about a year but stopped logging on here for months and forgot my old account info so had to make a new account and now all alone :blushing: :laugh:
  • mfrankrn
    mfrankrn Posts: 48 Member
    I am looking for Keto friends too, if anyone wants to add me.
  • rlengland2014
    rlengland2014 Posts: 98 Member
    Feel free to add me; friends always help!
  • kristafb
    kristafb Posts: 770 Member
    The more the merrier I always say! Been doing Keto since March 1st, down almost 20 lbs (having a tug of war with 1 pound lately), Loving eating this way!! Feel free to add me :)
  • Loseintime
    Loseintime Posts: 10
    Please add me as a Keto-pal. I need help and support. I have being trying on my own for 4 months. Lost 20 pounds so far, but with lots of ups and downs.
  • MrJhonC
    MrJhonC Posts: 13 Member
    Keto friends.

    ive been on keto for 1 week

    ive lost 10pounds -- 65pounds more to go.

    Lets add each other guys
  • erraticvisitor
    erraticvisitor Posts: 8 Member
    I find Pinterest very helpful with all the pictorial tutorials on recipes and info on Keto. You can look up for me on Pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/astoundingbabe/

  • fit4forty1975
    Its so nice to find a place where everyone is in the same boat !! Great group topic ! Day 1 for me today - HAPPY KETO'ing everyone :)
  • HenryTheTerrible
    Eeeeepppp. I started a week and a half ago but am not losing any weight because of the horrible water retention I'm getting. Is anyone else experiencing this? I assume it's from the high sodium intake in my diet now.

    My jeans are getting loose on me so I know I am losing fat, but whatever fat I lose I put on water and just bloat up :(
  • kburrows82
    kburrows82 Posts: 49 Member
    I have been doing keto/lchf for about a month and Im down 7lbs still many more to go. Feel free to add me! Always looking for more support/people to support
  • Bardian86
    Bardian86 Posts: 8 Member
    I've been doing keto for over a year, anyone can feel free to add me if they'd like!
  • pattigirl1216
    I'm going to add all you guys, if you don't mind! I sure could use the keto support :smile:
  • ali59oc
    ali59oc Posts: 130 Member
    I've been doing keto since January, have lost 36 pounds (31 to go) but have gone from a size 16 to a 6. I intend to eat this way for the rest of my life, my doctor is behind me having taken me off one blood pressure med and a statin since my cholesterol numbers were phenomenal. This really works, you will feel so much better, have more energy, and get to eat fantastic food! Please add me as a friend.
  • anndelise
    anndelise Posts: 14
    This morning was the start of my first day doing keto. I'm 42yo and highly motivated to use up about 60-80 lbs of excess stored energy. I use the MFP iPain app (which doesn't seem like a pain) and because I'm home all day I will likely be on a few times each day. I'm open to having some MFP-active friends who I can at least somewhat relate to.

    Wish me fun times on my induction phase. ;)
  • mstorvik
    mstorvik Posts: 356 Member
    I used to be on keto and fell off the wagon. I would love supportive friends again!
  • Linnie57
    Linnie57 Posts: 6 Member
    I"ve been doing Keto for the past 3 weeks or so and recently started logging on MFP. Have no friends yet so please add me. I could use some support and motivation, Thanks!
  • tgaarder
    tgaarder Posts: 3 Member
    Hello all~

    10+ yrs of weight loss/maint w/ carb controlled dieting. Down from 220 to 148, back up to about 175 for a while with sports + muscle gain. Looking to drop body fat, gain muscle mass, while continuing my athletic endeavors (speed skating). A high bar, but I'm super motivated and resourceful as all get out. : )

    I am also an overnight shift worker so that adds to the challenge.

    I have been in ketosis for several weeks now, but still ironing out some issues (getting enough electrolytes!!). I know what I'm doing and why, but in practice of course we much make individual adjustments in order to to stay committed!

    Would love love love more keto-friends on MFP to share food diaries and motivation. :)

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