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As I have seen in the previous two challenges I've been in prior to the Independence, attrition runs high. Right now we have about 33% still actively participating, many never even started after signing up. Why folks do this is beyond me but no matter. We are about to enter our last full month of challenge before the 4th of July--let's keep going! If you are friends with folks on the side line, coax them. I would also encourage those who have not posted threads to do so, it is mutually beneficial to tell your story and read the stories of others. In my opinion, the most powerful feature of MFP is the social support network. Use it, it will help you succeed. Any good NSV stories? I for one am sporting better fitting pants--resale shops are awesome, nothing better than discovering a very nice pair of slacks for $1.50!!!


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    Guilty! I've been seriously slacking for the last couple of weeks. Trying to get my head back in the game and move in the right direction. Today is my first day back to the gym and counting calories in quite some time. Back at it!
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    Independence has been my favorite group, I love the spreadsheet feature. I am loosing weight at a slower pace then I had hoped to, but I have also lost a few inches, my jeans are getting baggy and today I beat my walking pace. I did have a AURGH moment this week. I finally hit my 135 target (ok 135.6 but it still counts). I had reached 136 a few times and its funny how that 1 little pound really matters. Now for the AURGH ..... I bought a new scale that had all these wonderful reviews about being "accurate".....and I guess you know whats coming..... I stepped on it and it wasn't 135.6 it said 138.4 I know nothing has changed, still lost weight, etc.....BUT I haven't reached 135 yet. (unless I put new scale in closet and use old scale ) :happy:
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    I guess it's pretty hard to take the feed bag off and stop shovelling it in :)

    I dropped out of another group as it was so unorganised and too rigid. The woman would have saved hours if she set up a simple spreadsheet for people to enter.
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    I'm still around and in for the long haul! These groups definitely help keep me motivated. One of my goals is to log in every day this year so I hope that another group gets started after the Independence Challenge is done. I have a feeling that I probably won't meet my original goal of 140 but I'm okay with that. In 3 weeks, I have gone from squatting a 45 lb. bar to squatting a 95 lb. bar. And I am also learning that I don't want to lose weight too fast, just slow and steady. I'm now only using the scale as 1/4 of my achievement. I'm using a tape measure, and how my clothes fit and also having the gym check my body fat percentage. I'm so tired of yo-yo dieting and losing tons of weight in just a few months, only to have it come back on in a year's time. So hopefully treating it as a lifestyle change will do the trick.
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    The truth is that every group has attrition. Sometimes I just sign up for too many groups (or the group is not what I think it is going to be). I like belonging to a few different groups because one group is always active on any given day. It is nice to know that others are in the same boat.

    It seems like I was slacking on updating the group spreadsheet, but I'm all caught up now. :bigsmile:
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    This group and challenge has meant so much to me. I do not think I would be where I am today without this challenge. It has kept me so accountable - and certainly I need to be accountable.

    In fact I am sooo excited! I walked 1.5 miles just now. That is the furthest I have walked in a very long time!
    THANK YOU everyone for giving me the encouragement to do this!!
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    I have been slacking but will weigh in tomorrow and post! :love:
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    I haven't been posting but love the group. It's always fun to see how everyone is doing. I've been trying to start running and walking a lot more.