• AZ0310
    AZ0310 Posts: 201 Member
    I walked 14.25 miles today. It remains to be seen if I will be hobbling about tomorrow. I had trouble walking a half mile last December. I can run (jog very slowly) for 3 miles, and I've never really run in my life. Best of all, my knees aren't hurting.
  • Shaky44
    Shaky44 Posts: 214 Member
    Congrats to Rebamae and AZ0310 for their walking / jogging progress. For some reason I can make that elliptical machine really hum for 30 minutes, but can't even jog for more than a minute or so.
  • jackson7478
    jackson7478 Posts: 700 Member
    Well, went shopping and got some clothes that fit.

    But am very disappointed that I can't get a bike to help with exercising. I just can't bend my darn knee far enough to pedal it.

    I was really hoping I would be able to so I would have something other than walking to do. What a bummer!!!
  • Rebamae
    Rebamae Posts: 744 Member
    I do want to share this with on our NSV.

    I have on a pair of 20W denim capris that I ordered last year (and were tight on me)
    Today I can pull them down without unbuttoning or unzipping. So, I guess I need to wear a belt which I have not done for a very very long time!!

    Thanks all of you on MFP!! You really are helping me!