Victoza or Metformin

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I would like to know from your experiences: which of these (vicotza or metformin) are you currently take (or used to)? preference?

If you tried both, could you list advantages/disadvantages.

They seem to be the most popular pills for T2 and it is not clear to me what is the doctor's criteria in prescribing either/or.

I take 1500 Metformin daily. I had my dose adjusted at leat 5 times in 4 years; I was also prescribed Insulin at one point...and the dr stopped for me.

Unfortunately, I do not have a perfect diabetes management and I would like to learn more about meds.

Thanks a lot.


  • The AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) have a very extensive decision-making tool based on the latest research to guide them when prescribing medications. You can view it at and it can help you have a discussion with your physician about the best ways to manage your diabetes. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    Thanks Lynn
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    I take Bydureon, which is a medication like Victoza (GLP-1 receptor agonist) by a different maker, in addition to 500 mg Metformin extended release. My endocrinologist added the Bydureon to the metformin I was taking. When I started the Bydureon I was on 1000 mg metformin 2x a day. After almost 2 years, I've gone way down on the amount of metformin.

    Metformin alone did not lower my BG numbers enough - my fasting morning numbers were in the 160s. With both drugs, I am consistently 80s/90s in the morning fasting. Best thing I ever did was going to an endocrinologist.
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    Thanks a lot. I am seeing my endo on Sat and I hope to have a new assessment of some sort because with 1500 Metformin daily my BG is always high in the morning.
  • I take Metformin, 1000 a day, and it seems to work well for me, but everyone's situation is very different, and what works for me ma not work for you.

    Some people will experience high BG in the morning if they have gone too long since eating the night before. I get that sometimes. Seems to me it was something about your body kicking in when you have been without food for too long and trying to compensate. I really need to talk to the nurse again and get the details about this...

    I try to have a small snack with protein (like cracker and peanut butter or sometimes just peanuts) before I go to bed. I find if I do that, my fasting numbers are usually pretty good, and I don't wake up in the middle of the night wanting to gnaw my own arm off because I am hungry.

    We talked about it at one of the diabetes education courses I attended and some people found that really helped them, while others did not. Might be worth a try to see if it helps.
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    Thanks a lot. I am seeing my endo on Sat and I hope to have a new assessment of some sort because with 1500 Metformin daily my BG is always high in the morning.

    What do you consider high in the morning?
    I take 500mg of metformin three times a day. I was taking 20mg of glipizide and 500mg of metformin twice a day but the glipizide was making my sugar too low. I felt like I had to eat all day to keep it up at a normal level. I haven't had any problems taking metformin.
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    Over 150 to 160 for the most part. I should be much lower.

    thanks for posting.
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    I wrote this post a while back and it kind of sums up my experience with Victoza. I have a couple of friends on MFP who are on it and are having a lot of success. Though it can have difficult side effects, it was great for weight loss in my case. I still take Metformin, it keeps my hunger in check and hopefully will be enough to keep my sugar levels down.
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    Victoza worked great for me. Not only did it reduce my blood sugar down to almost normal, but I actually lost some weight while taking it. It's the only thing I've tried that hasn't made my weight go up at an alarming rate. Unfortunately it is a very expensive drug and my drug plan won't pay for it. I still take Metformin, but it's not effective enough to control my blood sugar anymore.
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    Thanks a lot for your postings.