Forrest yoga?

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Power, Baptiste, "power" vinyasa... I love them. But now that I've done Forrest, none of them quite stack up to it. Anyone else here practice Forrest yoga?


  • been2boston
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    ok, guess not...
  • lulukittie
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    I'm sorry, I've never heard of it. Maybe you could describe a little about what makes it better than other types of yoga?
  • been2boston
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    I'm not going to claim it's better than other schools of yoga, just my personal preference now.

    It was created by Ana Forrest (whose book Fierce Medicine is absolutely amazing). It is practiced in a heated room (80-90 degrees); each practice starts with pranyama, then moves into seated positions before ab work. The class then moves into the "hot" part of class- sun salutations, standing pose series, inversions- all of which work up to an "apex" pose. Poses are held for longer periods than in typical vinyasa yoga, and special emphasis is put on alignment (to prevent injury and heal existing injuries) and breath. It was designed to promote healing, both physically and emotionally, and incorporates aspects of a variety of different schools of yoga, and Native American traditions (including chanting).
  • GibbsGirl13072
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    I had never heard of it either, but it sounds like something I would enjoy.
  • pookeyism
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    It is a beautiful experience if done right. I call it my "midnight yoga".
  • KombuchaCat
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    That sounds really neat, I would totally try it. Is it like Bikram/ashtanga where the postures are the same each time?
  • norcal_yogi
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    yes... as in Ana Forrest....

    amazing practice!
  • Zoise
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    I've never tried it but follow her on FB. She seems really amazing. I would love to take a class someday.