What do you eat for breakfast??

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I still have the hardest time finding stuff I like to eat for breakfast and that keeps me full until lunch. When I have the time I do eat an egg and a slice of turkey sandwhich meat but I get tired of the same thing. I dont like to eat protein bars for breakfast cause it just seems too sweet too early in the morning. So I'm asking all my WLS friends: What do you eat for breakfast???


  • asia1967
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    I like to take a low carb whole wheat tortilla (La Tortilla Facotry) and make a wrap out of it. Any kind depending on time allowance. Scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese. chopped ham and veggies, you get the gist. I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge when time is short and want protein. Sometime cottage cheese and pineapple. Greek yogurt. Hope this helped. Good luck.
  • rpyle111
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    I mix oatmeal and bob's red mill high fiber cereal and then add some protein powder for breakfast at work. I make it when I get to work and eat it slowly as I check email. Takes a while to eat and keeps me happy until lunch.

    Not sure how that's going to work for me post-surgery, though.
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    Lately breakfast has been 55-59 g egg (1 large egg equivalent), 14 g shredded cheese (1/8 cup), 3/4 tsp ghee (clarified butter) and about 1 heaping tbsp chives. That has 16 and 13 grams high quality fat and protein respectively. Prior to that, I ate 1 Morning Star veggie sausage patty, 1/4 avocado, 3-4 mushrooms roasted, 3 cherry tomatoes and 1 clove garlic. If I am a bit hungrier, I'd added 1 tbsp feta or yoghurt (10 g fat, 13 g protein). For my hungry girl, ea

    Usually as I sip water through the morning (waiting at least 30 mins of course), even though my stomach feels empty (but not hungry), the water seems to reactivate that full feeling. I'm not sure how far out from surgery you are, or if you're aware of the powers of head hunger, but when you do feel hungry, remember to evaluate which hunger you're experiencing. Sometimes if I want (not need) a little something to hold me over until lunch, I'll chew SF gum or have 10 almonds.
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    I usually wake up at 6am and drink my protein shake. Then when I get to work at 8:30 I usually have a Greek yogurt. I consider that spaced out combo "breakfast". I don't like eggs and don't want to fall down the rabbit hole of delicious breakfast meats like bacon or sausage. Sometimes I will take a slice of cheese and roll it up in a slice of ham or turkey, but most of the time it is a shake and yogurt.
  • grace20072010
    I have been sticking to either a protein drink or a poached egg (I added a Morningstar sausage link this morning - did not like it). Anyway, I am googling high protein low carb muffins that I can make so I can just take them to work with me. I haven't decided on which muffins to make yet but that is my next idea. I am sick of the same thing every single day.
  • stroynaya
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    string cheese and yogurt, sometimes hot cereal of some sort (oatmeal, quinoa, grits), smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese for a treat
  • Gingersfit
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    I usually have a shake if I'm driving in to work (work from home some). Or, I might use Better than Eggs and make some scrambled eggs with red pepper flakes in it. May wrap that up in half a tortilla. Greek yogurt with fruit or plain Greek with sugar free jello mixed in for fruity taste without sugars. I also might wrap lunch meat in a half tortilla with some FF mayo spread on it. Basically anything I might eat for other meals.
  • sapl31
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    I usually have a shake during the week. On the weekends, I do eggs and turkey sausage sometimes. I like oatmeal with a little peanut butter as well.
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    I'm up pretty early every day, so I keep it small (took me a while to get to like having breakfast). I usually do 1 yogurt, 1 slice whole wheat bread with applesauce in place of butter or maybe some cold cereal with 1% milk, a piece of fruit if I have some, and .. :blushing: coffee with Stevia(yes I know..lol)
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    me too. Shake followed by a greek yogurt a couple hours later. Lots of protein early in the day. This morning I had egg beaters which was nice too, but I rarely have time to cook like that in the morning. Plus, it's a lot lower in protein so now I have to figure out how to make it up in dinner.
  • amyk0202
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    I usually eat egg beaters with cheddar cheese & diced ham. I have a hard time meeting my protein goals if I don't have this for breakfast. I usually mix up 4 eggs worth of with 14g of cheese & 56g of ham & eat little bits all morning.
  • csmccord
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    I make protein oatmeal. This recipe is surely more than what some can eat, but it works for me.

    Base Recipe
    40 gm oatmeal (1 serving)
    1 scoop protein powder
    1 cup So Delicious Almond+ Milk (Almond milk with extra protein)

    Then for flavors I'll do one or other...

    Chocolate protein with 24 gm (2 servings) of PB2. Sometimes I'll some peanuts in to it as well.
    Or, vanilla protein with 1/4 cup sugar free brown sugar cinnamon syrup. I'll then mix in some kind of fruit and maybe some walnuts.

    Today, I'm having the vanilla protein, with SF syrup, a dash of extra cinnamon with blackberries and 1/2 a peach mixed in.

    There is enough variation between the flavors and the different fruit that I eat protein oatmeal 5 times a week. On the weekends I'll have 2 eggs, 1 serving of potatoes and turkey sausage. Believe it or not, but the protein oatmeal has better macros.
  • khontz
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    Don't try and eat breakfast to be full till lunch. Interval eating is the key to success. I eat 6-8 small meals a day. My breakfast is usually a small glass of cran-grape juice with my vitamins, one egg over, and two slices of wholewheat low cal toast.
    Snack at 9 is a cheese wedge and some flavored triscuit crackers. Lunch is a small portion of chicken breast or other protein,

    Don't try to be full till lunch.... your stomach is too small to maintain that type of time frame.
  • pawoodhull
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    During the work week I usually have a cup of vanilla 2X protein light and fit yogurt or a cup of cottage cheese. When I run out of those things, a protein shake. Weekends, if I remember to eat, it's usually eggs of some kind with meat/cheese scrambled in. But when I have the extra time on a grocery week, I've also made a breakfast casserole out of 1 carton egg beaters egg whites, 1 carton egg beaters southwest and a pound of Jenni O's turkey breakfast sausage browned and drained. I mix it all and bake at 350 until set (usually about 45 minutes). You can add cheese into it prior to cooking or on top after. I then portion it out into 1 cup servings and take to work to heat and eat. It's on my receipes here, the whole breakdown of protein, carbs, calories, etc.
  • tompkinsw
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    I eat cream of wheat or weight control oatmeal.
  • Latse
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    I was never a breakfast person prior to surgery, and my sleeve doesn't like solids early in the morning, so this is what I do.

    1/2 almond milk
    1 scoop Synrax vanilla bean protein powder
    1-2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
    1 splenda packet
    blend that in the bullet
    add 16 oz coffee (don't add coffee before bending, it explodes and goes all over)

    I drink this on my drive to work 45min-1hour commute

    then at 9am I have either a light and fit greek yogurt (sometimes I add 1/3 cup unsweetened coconut to it)
    OR Knourish almond cranberry hot cereal.
    I also went through a phase of making 6 crustless quiches on Sunday and having one every day