How can I incrase my caloric intake?

I am 5 1/2 weeks out. I am typically under 500 calories a day following my doctor's plan. I am having trouble losing weight and I really think I need more calories, but I don't know where to add them! I am allowed 3 meals and a snack a day. I just think my calorie intake is too low and my metabolism is getting screwed up. Any thoughts on how to increase my calories?


  • adiggs2777
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    Maybe add in another protein shake? While I was told not to graze I am allowed snacks. That's like another 100 - 200 calories.
  • murphyraven
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    what about 1/2 an avacado (healthy fats!), or a small amount of re-fried beans or lentils?
  • DJRonnieLINY
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    You don't need more calories at 5 1/2 weeks to lose weight but you might need more protein and water. If your protein and water is low your body may enter starvation mode and hold onto weight. I would add a Protein shake at around 50g protein. Mix it with milk and feel free to add fruit. This will up the calories as well. You migh also want to consider a clear protein drink like Isopure. Early on I drank 1-2 per day. The clear Ispoure has 40g in 20oz and tastes like a Jolly Rancher.

    I pushed my protein over 100g as much as possible which I believe helped me have the succes I have enjoyed.
  • csmccord
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    5.5 weeks post op? Need to worry about calories? Nope. Worry about protein and listening to your body to learn the full signal or your reaction to being full. Most bariatric patients have a tell for when they are full. Mine is 3 or 4 hiccups in a row very quickly. I have learned to the hard way to never eat past that point.

    Concentrate on protein first. My team recommended that I get at least 50 gm from supplements and about 80 or 90 gm total. Protein drives your weight loss. I've found that on the weeks that I eat more protein on a regular basis, the more I lost.
  • Latse
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    At 5-6 weeks out 500-700 calories should be fine (follow your MD's plan), I followed a VLC diet for 1 year after VSG.

    I'm with those saying keep your protein high, 100g+ at this point more then likey most of it from suppliments. Also stay hydrated, 1/2 your current weight in ounces. Example 200lb person should drink 100oz of water/fluid per day.

    My full tell is a runny nose :smile:
  • grace20072010
    I added in a protein shake. I will try to add another one I can drink before bed I guess. hopefully that will help. Thanks for the tips.